*Beautiful blond Cybergirl Sascha Aleksander talks about her “Animal Instincts,” her rocker-style past and getting frisky with fellow Cybergirl Alli Marie.*

Playboy.com: How did you become involved with Playboy.com?

My first shoot for Playboy.com was the “Pert Plus Animal Instincts” video with Cybergirls Leanna Decker and Christina Renee. That was my first ever shoot and after that I became a Cybergirl.

*Playboy.com: Did anything crazy happen on set during the filming of the “Animal Instincts” video? *

Nothing crazy per se, I just remember it being a really long process to get painted, about six hours. By the time we started shooting, everybody was so tired, especially the models. It was a lot of fun and everyone did a really great job and it was an honor to work with the body paint artists; they were really talented and did a really great job.

{“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“3914”}Playboy.com: What do you bring to Playboy.com that is unique?

The fact that I’m not afraid; I’m not afraid of being myself. If Lara Stone and Sasha Grey had a sick, twisted baby, it would be me. I am very conscious of how I look and especially how I look on camera (I used to film myself all the time as a teenager and practiced in front of a mirror a lot), and I’m a very visual person and I just happen to know exactly what boys like to see and what looks good on camera. It’s like in this song by The Waitresses that goes “I know what boys like, I know what guys want.” That combination is what makes me stand out, I think.

Playboy.com: You have a very distinct look. Do you ever get told you look like a certain celebrity?

Lara Stone is one of the celebrity models I get compared to a lot. Somebody told me the other week I looked like Ava Gardner.

*Playboy.com: We loved your girl-on-girl shoot with Alli Marie. Do you have any sexy behind-the-scenes stories? *

We hung out for a couple hours and got to know each other pretty well before the shoot so light kissing at first didn’t feel awkward at all. But by the time we were in the pool I think we both kind of just got carried away and didn’t even think about the cameras pointed at us; we were just shamelessly making out in front of the crew. It felt good. At one point I thought, “Wow, it’s not every day I get to make out with a beautiful woman like Alli, so I better enjoy it while it lasts and go crazy.” And you can totally see that moment in the video, too.

Playboy.com: Had you ever kissed a girl before that shoot?

Yes, I had; like many of us I’ve tried almost everything. I like to say that I’m straight but open-minded. I like kitties but I’m allergic to them. [laughs]

Playboy.com: What turns you on most in a member of the opposite sex?

How can one say they’re looking for some particular qualities in a man or a woman? For the most part there has to be magic and chemistry. Sometimes you just see somebody and you can’t really explain why, but you feel really close to that person and that changes everything and before you know it you want to show them how good you are at giving oral. [laughs]Sometimes you end up with someone you never would have imagined yourself with.

Playboy.com: What do you do when you’re not modeling for Playboy.com?

I’m a contract model; every once in a while I do a modeling job, so in the meantime I work out and stay in shape. I’m really into yoga, so I do a lot of that, and I run. I like to draw and paint and go to art shows because I’m really into the L.A. art scene.

*Playboy.com: What is something your fans would be surprised to know about you? *

That I like leather chokers. I like them as fashion; they kind of represent perverse sex and rock and roll and it’s a total ’90s trend but I’d like to bring it back. I own quite a few leather chokers myself and I like to wear them when I go out. I like them so much, in fact, that I’m in the process of setting up an online boutique where you can buy them.

Playboy.com: Who was your idol growing up?

When I was a teenager I was really into Courtney Love; I really loved her music and I started reading a lot about her and her own life apart from being married to Kurt Cobain. She strikes me as this really powerful woman that was able to achieve a lot in life [despite] her struggles with drugs and alcohol. She was able to go really far in life, and that’s inspiring. I used to wear baby-doll dresses and really aggressive vamp makeup, so I would say she influenced my style for a while.

Playboy.com: What do you get compliments on most often?

My feet and my hands. I’m pretty tall but I have tiny little feet and tiny little hands. And of course my eyes, my cheekbones and my mouth. I have very distinct cheekbones.

Playboy.com: What is something sexy you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t?

Probably taking a shower together and doing it in the shower? I’m trying to think if that’s been fulfilled yet or not. I would probably remember if it was.

I’ve done so much stuff already by this point. A lot of it I liked, a lot of it I didn’t like. The most important thing I’ve learned from experimenting is that the idea of the fantasy is much better than actually doing it in real life.

Playboy.com: Any words of wisdom for any other women looking to work with Playboy.com?Be realistic, believe in yourself, work out, eat right, eyes on the prize always and if you have the drive to succeed, you will. Follow Sascha on Twitter @SaschAleksander or visit her website.