Between stints on Playboy Radio, modeling and bartending, Amateur Thuy Li found the time to talk to us about kissing women, horrific dating stories and what she has hidden in her bedside table. How did you become involved with

I’ve always wanted to be in Playboy but I was always afraid of what doors would close because if you do modeling online, you can shoot yourself in the foot professionally, but as the years went by I realized how ridiculous that was. So after 10 years on the fence I finally submitted a video online and somehow @Playboydotcom picked it up and retweeted it. This reminded me I always wanted to do something like that, so I tweeted them back and they let me know I should send in some photos and videos. I did, and they got back to me so quickly, within a day or two I think. How ridiculous was it to think about it for a decade and then hear back in such a short period of time. Where can we find you when you’re not modeling?

I bartend, I do really well. I finished school when I was 21, started bartending and I still have the same job. I have a huge following and such a large clientele I could never leave. My customers are my real friends.

{“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“6795”} What is your signature drink?

I have a signature drink as of a year ago. I was mixing things together: a chocolate raspberry vodka with a splash of a particular liqueur and the rest was lemonade; it ended up being this spectacular cocktail or shot. I was selling so much of it and the girls I worked with were selling so much of it. I couldn’t think of a name and I was going to call it something generic like “Raspberry Chocolate Sorbet” but this girl I used to work with came in on her shift and was like, “No we’re going to name it Thuy’s Pussy because that’s what I’ve been telling everybody it’s called.” I felt so awkward calling it that and then serving it to everybody: “Hey do you want a shot? It’s called Thuy’s Pussy, what do you think?” What do you bring to that is unique?

So there’s the obvious that there aren’t that many Asian girls featured on the site. What I hear from the producers and from the Playboy Radio Show when I do it is that I have so much personality and it really comes through which works well for media. Producers call me back to the radio show all the time because they love having me there. Last time I was there William Shatner was there, of all people. Your girl-on-girl shoot with Teri Hammer recently came out on our site. Was this your first time kissing a girl?

Oh no, please, I drink. Do you have any secret talents?

I’m happy because I feel god really blessed me with a really outgoing personality and an abundance of creativity, I will take that over being double-jointed any day. What drives you wild in a man?

I have this weird thing about hands; it’s a deal-breaker for me. I like it when guys have big hands and their knuckles are kind of knotted. I didn’t notice it until two years ago, and because I serve men all day long at work I’m always looking at their hands. I think for me it’s because I like when a man has his hands all over me so in my head I’m visualizing it. I get really turned off at the thought of a man with dainty fingers. Just the other day someone showed me a photo of a guy she hooked up with and the first thing I noticed was his hands and I was like damn, shit’s hot! How about in a woman?

I like blondes; I tend to like the typical type of blonde, too, with the same features: tall with really straight white teeth and obviously a nice body. I’m really particular when it comes to girls because I’m mostly into men. Only a very select few girls have really struck me in my lifetime; I’d only say two or three. Which part of your body are you most proud of?

I actually like my lips. I get complimented on them a lot because they’re full. It’s something you’re either born with or you’re not. You can get injections all day but it looks like you got punched in the face.

{“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“6863”} What is your biggest accomplishment in life?

Finishing school is definitely one of them. I have a degree in film criticism and writing, not production. Right this moment what is on your night table?

At this very second it’s two devotional books because I’m very spiritual; I read through my devotionals at night or in the morning. I have a book called Chicken Soup for the Soul: Messages from Heaven and then I have a drawer filled with dildos and lubricants, all that good stuff. There might be a knife in there that my old boyfriend left for me in case I felt there might be an intruder in the house, but I told him it was a poor place to put the knife. “You put it in the dildo drawer?” What is some advice you think everyone should take?

If you find yourself not wanting to tell anyone about something you probably shouldn’t be doing it. Put it this way: if you don’t want it plastered all over the news in the morning, that’s probably a good gauge to let you know if you should be doing something or not. I think that’s a pretty good rule to live by. Can you tell us about the worst date you’ve ever been on?

I have a couple of good ones because they involve famous people.

When I was 18 and didn’t know any better I went out with this guy who was a TV show announcer. He’s old as shit to be going out with an 18-year-old. I went out with him because I didn’t know better and all he could do was talk about himself. I went to his house for dinner and you know what we did at his house? It just so happened he was on Saturday Night Live so he wanted to watch it. We watched it on East Coast time, we watched it on West Coast time and then we watched it on TiVo, but we only watched the part where he talked so he would rewind it and play it over. Then he called his friends, “Hey did you see me on TV?” It didn’t end there; he brought out promo tapes of different shows that he was on and we watched that. The guy couldn’t stop talking about himself. I was so turned off and he wonders why I never came back. He’ll talk about me to this day but it was a decade ago.