This week we talk to our wild Irish rose, brunette Cybergirl Tilly McReese, about her modeling career, terrible dates and very persistent squirrels. Read on for more of the beautiful Tilly.

* *How did you get started posing for

Tilly: I wrote Holly Randall an email telling her that I’d be in L.A. in April. We got on Skype so she could check me out and explain the process to me and within the month I met her out there and we shot some pictures.

* *What unique things do you bring to

*Tilly: *I am the first Irish Playboy Cybergirl and I’m the only model to bring a cello to a shoot for the website!

* *Which physical feature do you most often get complimented on?

Tilly: Well, not to brag, [laughs] but my bum has got a lot of attention both prior to and since I started modeling. People also like the blue eyes/brunette hair combination, which I didn’t expect because we all pretty much have those attributes in Ireland. The myth of an island of redheads is just that.

* *Do you have a favorite behind-the-scenes story from a photo shoot?

*Tilly: *Oh gosh, I’m sure I have loads, but during my shoot for I was posing outside underneath a tree in this beautiful garden when a curious little squirrel started sniffing about and voicing his disapproval. Clearly, I was in his personal space. So, after many attempts by me and the whole crew to shoo him back up the tree, I insisted that I’d start video and it would be fine, that he’d stay where he was. I couldn’t have been more wrong. About 10 seconds into my slow strip, he raced down the tree, across the path and up my leg. I shook him off and screamed and, when he was at a safe distance, burst out laughing. It would be perfect for a blooper reel!

* *Aside from modeling, what are you focusing on?

*Tilly: *Modeling is my full-time career and I manage my own schedule, so it is front and center on my list of priorities, but family is very important to me, too. And I cherish my tight circle of friends, many of whom are also models or are otherwise involved in the industry. I’m writing a novel and considering a future in fitness modeling, alongside acting. I guess the question should be “What am I not focusing on?” [laughs]

* *What’s your idea of the perfect date?

*Tilly: *My idea of the perfect date is something low-key. I get spoiled at shoots with talented makeup artists and offers of coffee and food and a photographer telling me I look beautiful. So if you cook me tacos and pour me tequila and show me you have an irreverent sense of humor, you’re in like Flynn.

* *When do you feel sexiest?

*Tilly: *I feel sexiest when I look my best, like when I’m in the gym wearing a tight outfit and I can see definition and tone in my body. I love the feeling of being watched, in the non-creepy sense. Also, every time summer comes around I feel instantly sexier.

* *What’s one thing you think all men should know?

*Tilly: *This may sound like common sense, but I think all men should know that women are all wired differently, and as a result, there is no standard move or set of moves that will definitely impress us. I’ve had men pull certain moves or say certain things to woo me, and when it doesn’t work, I can see the concern and confusion written on their faces. Try something else. Talk to me until you get a better feel for me and my sense of humor.

* *What qualities drive you wild in a man?

*Tilly: *A big p-p-personality! In terms of physical appearance, I am a sucker for dark skin, a bright and genuine smile and a lean, muscular body. You must be able to cook and do your own laundry. Spelling and grammar are both of extreme importance. Also, I like to travel, learn languages and immerse myself in foreign cities, so you must have a sense of adventure or, at least, understand my need for adventure.


* *How do we win your heart?

Tilly: Make me laugh, but do so effortlessly. Make me laugh at myself and my occasional awkwardness. Mystery always wins me over, too. I’ve found myself attracted to salesmen and actors at various different points and I know the reason is because you never know what they’re thinking and whether they’re being sincere or trying to manipulate you. I’ve been in sales, too, and I have acted in films so I like going toe-to-toe with that kind of personality. The mindfuck is a serious turn-on.

* *What’s the best date you’ve ever been on? The worst?

*Tilly: *The best date I’ve ever been on is when I went to see this guitarist play in New York City and we chatted afterward. The details are all very simple but it was kind of magical. The absolute worst was when I went for drinks to this trendy, Brazilian hole-in-the-wall in Dublin and I was standing at the bar shaking my hips to the music and my date accused me of, like, backing up into a stranger’s crotch. Truth be told, it was a crowded bar and the music was infectious…I was also a couple of margaritas in. So, knowing this, I stood there and contemplated his accusation and that was enough for him to throw his hands in the air and walk out. I was about to tell him that I wasn’t even aware that the stranger was turned toward me, which was true, but he walked out the door and into the night… If you could go on a date with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?

*Tilly: *Oh, can I only choose one? I guess a famous painter like Leonardo da Vinci so I could pick his brain. I’d ask him if all the speculation about the Mona Lisa was true and I’d want to know what she was smiling at, if anything at all. I’d wrap it up by asking him to paint me for my portfolio! [laughs] Of course, if he refused to go on a date with me, I’d ask a famous food critic because they know all the best joints and could tell me what to order.

* *What would your fans be surprised to know about you?

*Tilly: *In addition to English, I speak Irish, German and Spanish. The original plan was for me to become an interpreter, possibly for the UN, but I didn’t like that plan. Also, I have a sticker phobia. It’s real and it’s called pittakionophobia. I have it under control, though, since stickers are on fruit and, basically, everything.

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