Facetime with Victoria Marquez

By Jordan Berzins


Facetime with Victoria Marquez:

This week’s Facetime features spicy amateur Victoria Marquez.

Playboy.com: What does the Playboy brand represent to you?

When I think of Playboy I think of the modern, strong, confident, independent woman.

*Playboy.com: Do you draw inspiration from any past Playmates? *

I recently found out that Playmate of the Year 2013 Raquel Pomplun is Mexican, and that really surprised me because I’m Mexican as well. I think she’s the first Mexican woman ever to become Playmate of the Year. I thought that was pretty cool.

Playboy.com: So that’s something that might set you apart from other models on our site?

It’s funny, because I’m Mexican, but people can rarely tell. They can never guess my ethnicity; I always get Caucasian or French or Italian.

Playboy.com: Tell us the funniest thing that has ever happened to you on set.

I was doing a boy-girl still, one of those black-and-white sexual, sensual, romantic types of shoots, and we were changing positions for the photo and I accidentally kicked the guy in the nose. I made him bleed pretty badly. I felt terrible the entire day! I didn’t injure him too bad, but it was definitely awkward after that.

Playboy.com: In your behind-the-scenes video you mention getting picked up by women while working as a bartender. What is the best and worst pickup line ever used on you?

The worst was when a girl told me I had beautiful armpits. The best one is when a woman asked me if I was into girls. I said, “For the most part no, I’m straight.” She said, “Give me one night and I will turn you the other way,” which I thought was cute. It was flirtatious but not too up front. It made me giggle when she said that.

Playboy.com: How does a man successfully pick up a woman?

Basically, it’s all about chivalry. Chivalry is what catches my attention, as we know it’s something that’s becoming more and more rare. I think it really stands out when a guy takes it upon himself to open the car door for you and pull out your chair when you’re sitting down for dinner. I also feel like a sense of humor is very important, especially if the social situation is awkward, if the guy is nervous or he finds the girl is timid. I find a sense of humor a great icebreaker.

Playboy.com: What is your biggest turnoff?

I find it a huge turnoff when a guy gets too drunk on a first date. Probably my biggest pet peeve is when they check out other girls in front of you; I think that’s a major no-no.

Playboy.com: What drives you wild in the opposite sex?

Confidence is definitely a plus. I love a man that takes care of his body. I’m at the gym twice a day, five days out of the week, so I always appreciate when a guy can relate. Works out, eats healthy, doesn’t do drugs and doesn’t drink. That always draws my attention and turns me on in a man.


Playboy.com: What is your favorite piece of lingerie?

My crotchless panties, of course!Playboy.com: When do you feel most sexy?

I feel sexiest after a workout. It really helps to clear my mind and it gives me a power trip, a lot more confidence, and I really enjoy seeing myself all sweaty. I look even better than I did an hour prior to my workout. Which is probably why it’s so addictive for me, because it’s when I feel my best.

*Playboy.com: Do you have any naughty vices? *

I’m a compulsive shopper. I’m the kind of girl that has 15 to 30 dresses in the closet with the price tag still on them, but for some crazy reason I keep feeling compelled to buy more.

Playboy.com: Where can we find you when you’re not modeling?

I was attending university back home in El Paso, Texas, but I left and moved out to L.A. I do stay very busy with modeling. Yesterday I went into Universal Studios for a couple of different films they will be working on next year, so I’m hoping they can squeeze me in somewhere. I think my chances are pretty good based on what I was told yesterday, so I’m crossing my fingers on that.

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