We couldn’t ask for a better gift than Cybergirl Victoria Winters. The blonde bombshell talks about her sexy holiday traditions, her Christmas wish list and getting legal. Playboy.com: Do you have any sexy holiday traditions? I always buy myself a negligee. It’s my Christmas present to myself every year. It doesn’t matter whether I have a boyfriend or not, I’ll use it eventually. Playboy.com: Name three gifts that any women would love. Lotion from Victoria’s Secret, especially this time of year—they have some really great-smelling ones; jewelry, so earrings, bracelets or rings for that special someone you’ve been with for a long time; and my third suggestion would be time. Spend time with your loved ones—that’s what I’d love to have with my significant other this time of year. I know it sounds kind of cheesy, but that’s what I’d like. Playboy.com: Do you have any unfulfilled fantasies? Role-play. It would be fun to pretend to be somebody else with my partner. Playboy.com: What do you love about living in California? I like the fact that if I’m in a bad mood I can just walk to the beach and it puts me in a better mood. I had a dream of modeling and becoming a Playmate, so my manager helped me take the plunge to move to L.A. and pursue this dream. Playboy.com: Do you have any mad skills? I’m really good at riding motorcycles, street bikes, dirt bikes; pretty much anything with a motor, I’m good at riding. I can pick up almost any kind of sport really quick. For example, when I first moved out here I wanted to surf and was told that it was really hard and that most people don’t get it very quickly, but I tried and on the 10th day I caught like five waves, so I picked that up pretty quick. It’s a good skill to have. Playboy.com: Do you have a favorite sports team? My favorite sport is motocross and my favorite athlete is James “Bubba” Stewart. I picked up motocross when I was about 11 years old and I was involved in the community until I was about 15 and puberty hit and I was a girl with a butt and boobs. So I hung that up, but I still was athletic, even at a young age. My sister was always a beauty queen so I wanted to make myself different, and sports was the direction I needed to go to do that. Playboy.com: Have you ever gotten into an accident? I was actually racing to qualify for a national event, so I was racing against 39 other guys, and of course the gate drops and you take the first corner. I was in about 10th place so I was figuring I was going to have a pretty good job of qualifying, and as soon as I came around the corner (and I had 28 other guys behind me), I crashed. Everyone ran over me, ran over my bike, my helmet flew off and I thought I was going to get crushed. The paramedics came and I thought that a helicopter was going to have to come in and fly me out, but luckily nothing was broken. But it was very painful and I had never experienced a crash like that in motocross. Playboy.com: What do you slip into when you want to feel sexy? I put on my boyfriend’s tank top, if I have one, and boy shorts and put my hair up. {“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“2371”}Playboy.com: What is the sexiest piece of lingerie any woman can own? Some sort of crotchless panties or a onesie. Something to give your guy easy access when you don’t have too much time for foreplay, you just want to get down and dirty. It’s a must-have. Playboy.com: In your behind-the-scenes video interview, you say you’re a sexual person and you try to bring that out in other people. Tell us about that. I can be extra flirty sometimes, and I can tell when people are a little bit withdrawn and shy so I try to bring them out of their shell by using my sexuality and talking about sex, what turns them on, what attracts them to a guy or a girl. I also feel that by doing so you also get to know that person. Playboy.com: What do you do when you’re not modeling? I work at a doctor’s office where people come to get their marijuana legalization cards. We help people get legal; it’s fun. Playboy.com: So how does that process work? People come in and see our doctor and get evaluated and they walk out with their card. I have people from all walks of life come in…war vets, celebrities and a bunch of rappers. We have people come in that you never would have expected. Like super girly girls with designer bags, and we’re like, “Whoa, you want to get legal? Okay.” Playboy.com: Have you encountered any celebrities since moving to L.A.? I got to meet Kendra Wilkinson! That made my move to L.A. completely worthwhile, because I was on her show Kendra on Top. We were all by the pool and I was like, “Hi, Kendra, I want to become a Playmate and I was wondering how long it took you to become a Playmate?” and she said when she found out she was a Playmate she didn’t even know what that was! She was so sweet and way shorter than I thought she was. I just walked up to her and started the conversation. She was very approachable and down-to-earth. I want to be that kind of person, too, if I ever become famous. Playboy.com: What inspired you to pose for Playboy.com? I guess my body encouraged me, and my friends and family. I was a girl that didn’t realize I had a hot body because I was wrapped up in sports, so by the time I quit sports everyone was like, “You’ve got a hot body, big boobs and a small waist.” And of course my dad always had Playboy Magazines around the house growing up, so I was like “hmmm.” Playboy.com: Were your parents supportive of your choice to pose for Playboy.com? They are very supportive. There are lines, though; my parents wouldn’t be supportive if I was doing another brand that wasn’t Playboy. Playboy.com: Fake or real breasts and why? I prefer real boobs because I feel like they’d be better during sex. I think that if someone is uncomfortable with their body image, though, and feel breast implants would help their self-esteem then go for it! As long as they look good, rock it! Playboy.com: Do you change when you’re in front of the camera? Something changes about me on camera, and I don’t know what it is. There’s something about being naked in front of a camera that gives me a rush of confidence. Playboy.com: What qualities drive you wild in a man? His smell! If you smell good you’ve just won me over right there. Playboy.com: Did you have a favorite Playmate growing up? My favorite Playmates were Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra, so both of them. I like the fact that they had edge to them; they were sexy but they were edgy. That’s what guys want. Playboy.com: What is your wish list this holiday season? My wish list is to have some snow. Now that I’m in California we don’t have any; I want some. Maybe some pink fuzzy handcuffs and a bottle of lube. Playboy.com: Have you been naughty or nice this year? I’ve been naughty in all the right ways. Check out all of Victoria’s sexy photos on Instagram, follow her on Twitter @VictoriaW1nter or like her on Facebook.