What sets you apart from other models?

I think growing up in a small town like Jacksonville, Wyoming. I have that small town mentality — I’m too friendly and too outgoing and too talkative. That might be my flaw. I feel like a good personality sets me apart. What do you do when you’re not modeling?

When I’m not modeling I’m going to school. Like you can see in my pictorial, I’m a chemistry nerd. I’m

going to school to become a physician’s assistant, so I spend all my time studying and doing my chemistry courses. I’ll go out with my girlfriends on the weekend, but only if I have extra time. You live in Las Vegas; can you share your craziest Vegas adventure with us?

I’ve lived in Vegas for about four years now. I have so many! I haven’t seen crazier things than I have at the Electric Daisy Carnival when it moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Also, a girlfriend and I snuck up on the roof of one of the casinos — I’m not going to say which one — but I thought that only happened in movies. I thought security wouldn’t let people up on the roof, but I guess when you’re two girls they really don’t care! Do you prefer big or small breasts?

I think it doesn’t matter what size a woman’s breasts are. I have big breasts and I love them, but I have seen some really beautiful small perky breasts, so I think whatever makes a woman feel beautiful is what she should have. I’ve seen some beautiful big breasts and some beautiful small breasts. I’m a breast girl, though — I love any type of boobs. Name one skill all women should have.

I think all women should be skilled at kissing.

* What would be the theme of your dream photo shoot? *

I’m from Wyoming, so something from the Montana, Wyoming wilderness, with scenic views of the Badlands, or horses, hay bales…something that reminds me of home.

* What qualities drive you wild in a man? *

A good personality. There are so many good-looking guys that come to Vegas, but they don’t have a good personality. I don’t understand people that don’t have ambitions or goals, so as long as he has goals and a good personality I can overlook his flaws. Worst pickup line a guy has ever used on you?

A guy in my anatomy class said something like, “The human body has 165 bones…would you like mine?” I didn’t love it. I’ve also heard some other really cheesy ones, but this has been the worst. It was really creepy.

* If you could go on a date with one person, dead or alive, who would it be? *

Albert Einstein. I’m a nerd so I would love to go on a date with him — it would be a lot of fun for me. We’d have good conversation. I think on first dates the most awkward thing is not having enough things to talk about, and I’d definitely have enough things to talk about with Albert Einstein.

* How can a man make sure a first date goes smoothly? *

I think a guy can make a first date go smoothly by having a calm attitude about things and [not taking] things too seriously. I don’t really care where he takes me on a first date, it doesn’t even matter if he takes me out for pizza, just as long as he maintains a fun, calm and collected attitude. It just makes me feel welcome and I will have the best time ever regardless of where we are. Which are your favorite physical attributes on yourself?

I’m all natural, big lips and big eyes, and my body is voluptuous, my legs and my butt. I think the fact that I’m curious and natural sets me apart. Who is your favorite sex icon?

Definitely Marilyn Monroe. I love how curvaceous and all natural she was. She was intelligent, based on all of the interviews I’ve seen of her, and outstandingly beautiful and curvaceous. She’s the best of both worlds. Name one book you think everyone should read?

Fifty Shades of Grey, because I think that everyone gets in a sexual rut or a creativity rut, and I think that book is really sexy and will get everyone in the mood. Even my mom is reading it and I think my dad is probably getting more sex than ever. What is your favorite sexy time song?

It’s not your typical sexy time song, but it would have to be “Moves like Jagger,” I love that song! Even though it’s not a slow, sensual song it always gets me in the mood! Do you have a dream car?

I love 1965 Chevys. My dad has some older Fords which are pretty cool. I know you can’t like Chevy and Ford, but I do. What are your goals for the fall?

To finish school and get a good job as a physician’s assistant. I’m hoping that one day I’ll be waiting on people and being their sexy physician’s assistant. Hopefully by the fall I’ll be one step closer to my goal.

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