In a climate of suspicion for just about anyone trying to tell you what to believe, Facebook and other mega tech companies have teamed up to try and re-instill faith in the news.

The News Integrity Initiative is an independent non-profit that will run as a project out of the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. Although Facebook is one of the biggest heavy-hitters amongst the chief funders, other business titans such as the Ford Foundation and Mozilla have offered money to the project. The goal is to engender more critical consideration of news sources, and to re-embolden journalistic respect and mend the erosion of consumer trust. On their mission, the CUNY website elaborates their core goal, and their methods of achieving it.

“The Initiative’s mission is to advance news literacy, to increase trust in journalism around the world, and to better inform the public conversation. The Initiative will fund applied research and projects, and convene meetings with industry experts.”

Donald Trump is an unprecedented enemy of the press, even going so far as to call them the opposition party. Yet, this is not to say that the press hasn’t made mistakes to earn this ire, as Glenn Greenwald points out that the criticism has been earned.

Regardless, the only obvious truth is that Facebook really wanted to fix the perception of how much they helped screw up this election.