A few weeks ago, an un-retouched photo of Cindy Crawford from a 2013 shoot with Marie Claire leaked on the Internet, and reaction was almost entirely positive. Most people complimented Crawford for still looking great at 47-years-old (her age at the time of the shoot).

Here’s a look at the pic:

Well, turns out it’s a complete fake. According to TMZ, the photographer who snapped the pic says the image was stolen from him and Photoshopped to add lines to Crawford’s stomach to make it look worse. He’s even going so far as to send letters to outlets threatening lawsuits if they keep up their posts saying the picture is un-retouched.

While there’s no way to know whether the photographer is telling the truth or not unless he leaks the original image, here is a picture that Crawford’s husband Rande Gerber posted on Valentine’s Day of the famous model for comparison’s sake:

She got flowers and I got her. Happy Valentines Day @cindycrawford

A photo posted by Rande Gerber (@randegerber) on

Yeah, we’re going to have to agree with the photographer on this one.