If you’ve played a Star Fox game, like Star Fox 64, you probably hate Falco. That’s because he’s an arrogant smartass. So I tried to murder him.

One problem: in the new Star Fox game for Nintendo’s Wii U, Star Fox Zero, you can’t shoot down your teammates. That didn’t stop me from trying, as you can see in the video above.

Star Fox Zero is a reimagining of the original Star Fox 64, and it’s worth a look for anyone who owns a Wii U and is prone to fits of nostalgia. Many of the levels have been reimagined and there’s tons of new content, but lot of the dialogue is exactly the same, and the basic story and structure are similar as well.

With one small exception: it’s harder than ever to murder Falco. Pity.

Mike Rougeau is Playboy.com’s Gaming Editor, in charge of all things video games. It took him three hours to beat Star Fox Zero’s final boss. Follow him on Twitter @RogueCheddar.

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