Fun though Fallout 4 might be, like many games from developer Bethesda, it’s crawling with minor bugs (and a couple more major ones). Today Bethesda dropped a free downloadable patch that should fix a few of the more irritating ones.

Bethesda announced on its forums that the patch is out for the PC and Playstation 4 today, with the Xbox One version coming “soon.” Along with general memory and performance improvements throughout the game, one of the biggest and best fixes in the patch is the one that stops players from getting stuck when they try to use computer terminals. That one was extremely frustrating, seeing as terminals are everywhere.

Other improvements include repairing a couple of quests that didn’t work correctly—like the “When Freedom Calls” quest that might not complete correctly, despite being key to Fallout 4’s main story, or the “Reunions” quest that could lock which weapons you could use when you finished it. There are a few other minor ones, but all should help improve the quality of life for lots of dedicated Fallout 4 fans.

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Bethesda will be rolling out more patches in the future, as is their way, but it’ll probably be a while. Don’t expect Fallout 4’s canine companion Dogmeat to learn not to block you from walking through doorways anytime soon.