Today marks the release of the new “Contraptions” add-on content for Fallout 4, greatly expanding the ability of players to make working, powered, in-game machines for all sorts of purposes.

Already, many people are using those machines to their best possible purpose: torturing Preston Garvey, the Commonwealth Wasteland’s most irritating character.

If you’re not familiar with Fallout 4, Preston is a member of the Minute Men, a faction of do-gooders who set up settlements around the Wasteland, which all have a mutual pact to defend one another. In the game, that means his function is basically to tell you to go out and do annoying settlement things, like building beds and shooting raiders. Preston will have irritating quests for you forever, no matter how many you complete, and he never shuts the hell up about it.

The new “Contraptions” add-on gives players pillories, those wooden frames with holes for a person’s head and hands that were set up in colonial towns to punish lawbreakers, which they can use to imprison characters who roam around the world. And since everyone hates Preston, guess where he keeps ending up.

In the video above, somebody puts a pillory to good use, pairing it with an insane Rube Goldberg monstrosity.

Man, Preston. Nobody likes you.

Kotaku has great rundown of how people are using their engineering know-how to create living hells for the people of the Wasteland. People who are already stuck in a living hell for the record, but whatever, teddy bear-firing torture machines are hilarious.