Need a date for the end of the world? Fallout has your back, kind of.

Fallout mascot Vault Boy—that curiously upbeat, towheaded paragon of fictional nuclear American society—has popped up with a profile on dating app Tinder. As Kotaku reports, it’s part of a novel, if a little weird, marketing strategy from developer Bethesda.

Click the profile of Vault Boy (check out some images of the profiles here) and you’ll be directed to a download link for Fallout Shelter, Bethesda’s newly released, stupidly successful free mobile game that made $5 million in its first two weeks. A big part of Fallout Shelter, in which you run one of Fallout’s iconic apocalypse shelters that are actually intricate social experiments, is pairing people off so they can have kids and grow your vault’s population. So a joke dating campaign makes a sort of sense, even if there’s no actual dating in the game itself.

Bethesda is also promoting the game with the “#DateADweller” hashtag on Twitter, although as Kotaku pointed out, one of those promos seems to be for same-sex relationships—the kind that don’t actually exist in Fallout Shelter. Maybe that’ll pop up in the next update; in the last one, Bethesda added Android support and the ability for your characters to get murdered by Wasteland monsters called Deathclaws. That’s progress, I suppose.