[Image Source](http://lillu-kr.tumblr.com/post/144457449272/im-korean-so-it-can-be-messed-up-my-language)

Image Source

The best part of Overwatch so far has been how it has inspired fans to create hilarious stuff on the internet. Memes, jokes and fan art have elevated the game far beyond the addictive cooperation-heavy antics that happen when you’re actually playing. It’s a huge part of what’s making it so hard to put down.

Korean artist Lillu might have topped even those drawings of D. Va as a gross Dorito-gobbling gamer gremlin, however, by recasting the Overwatch crew as the most internet thing ever: cats.

They do a pretty great job of capturing both the personalities of the characters and the personalities of cats.

Check out the full slate on Lillu’s Tumblr blog. That Kitty Torbjorn, seriously.

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