The stories told in developer From Software’s games—Demons’ Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls II and Bloodborne—are thin and mysterious, often requiring players to pay close attention and leaving them wondering about the intricacies of the strange, horrific worlds these super-hard games create.

That leaves a lot of room for fans to make their own interpretations and even tell their own stories, like in the beautiful and often sad webcomic “Lordran and Beyond,” a crowdfunded series of short stories that explore the Souls worlds. The latest is an animated Bloodborne comic that fleshes out the game’s grisly “Hunt” and is appropriately violent.

“Lordran and Beyond” is crowdfunded through Patreon and growing as more artists contribute, so it looks like there will be plenty more Souls comics out there to give fans a deeper, if unofficial, dive into From’s provocative, violent, undead-ish worlds. Check out more of the comics here.

Via Destructoid