In the post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland of Fallout, knowledge is often your most powerful ally—especially since the best way to avoid dying from radiation poisoning is to know how much you’re being poisoned by radiation.

In the game universe, you have the Pip-Boy, a wrist-attached computer that tells you all kinds of useful things. The only way to get one in the non-irradiated regular world is to find a sold-out Pip-Boy special edition of Fallout 4, however. Unless, that is, you have a 3D printer and smarts like Redditor TheMCV.

This home-built Pip-Boy runs on a customizable Raspberry Pi computer and a home-brewed UI. Although it’s not quite true-to-game-life yet (it’s missing the front panel controls), if you’re going to wear a computer on your arm that’s sporting a ton of information you probably don’t really need, it might as well be huge, plastic, and presumably tested against supermutant attacks. Feel free to get on that for your next Watch, Apple—we’ll wait.

Via VG247