Last year, a short, free horror game demo appeared on the Playstation Network for Playstation 4 owners to download. It took the gaming community by storm, then disappeared from the internet—but this fan recreation brings it back.

Called PuniTy, the demo is a nearly full recreation of the demo PT. The “playable teaser” originally turned out to be related to Silent Hills, a horror game being made by Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and film director Guillermo del Toro.

Many people loved the slow, dark, hyper-atmospheric haunted house that was the PT demo, but Silent Hills has since been canceled, and PT was pulled from the Playstation Network. If you didn’t download it before it vanished, you’d never get to play it. Until, that is, Alberta-based indie developer Farhan Qureshi rebuilt it in the Unity engine, over the course of 104 hours of work.

It’s not the complete version of PT, as the disjointed narrative and weirdo puzzles aren’t in it just yet. But if you want to experience the haunted hallway that scared the pants off of all the gaming, this is as close as you’re likely to get.

You can download the demo here.

Via VG247 and Destructoid.