There’s one thing about Star Wars: Battlefront that’s hard to dispute: the game is gorgeous. Locations like Tatooine, Sullust and Endor are beautiful, detailed environments, to say nothing of how awesome things look as they burst into flames, billowing smoke and showering sparks in all directions.

But Battlefront could look better, as demonstrated by mod maker Martin Bergman. He’s already created a graphics mod for Grand Theft Auto V that’s kind of incredible. Now he’s turned his eye toward Battlefront with a mod that makes the game look like it could have been filmed on location at the Skywalker moisture farm.

Take a gander at Bergman’s Imgur post to see the mod in action (although unfortunately, there’s no video). The mod’s not available to the public yet and so far Bergman has only tried his hand at amping up one of Battlefront’s Tatooine maps, but the results are impressive.

Those dead stormtroopers look just like real dead stormtroopers! Eventually, Bergman says, PC players will be able to use the mod on their own Battlefront games. It might kill the frame rate, but at least it’ll make for some beautiful screenshots.

Via Kotaku