Thanks to powerful little Raspberry Pi computers, people are turning all kinds of objects into video game machines—including the kids’ meal faux-video game machines Burger King once handed out with burgers.

Redditor ChaseLambeth created a super-small Game Boy they’re referring to as a “Game Boy Nano,” constructed from a Burger King Game Boy Color toy the restaurant gave away back in 2000 as part of a promotion with Nintendo. The toy is just a piece of plastic; thanks to some ingenuity and a small computer that uses software to “emulate” the original Game Boy and run games, though, it’s now a working handheld that can play Pokémon.

Burger King’s original toy had a rolling ball maze inside, a poor substitute for an actual video game. According to ChaseLambeth, the months-long attempt to amp up a kids’ meal item was stalled because the version of the little Burger King toy was still too small to house all the components needed for a working Game Boy. The problem was solved when ChaseLambeth found someone on Instagram selling a different, more spacious version of the toy, and this one was large enough to support the Raspberry Pi Zero computer. A software update and $250 later, the Game Boy Nano was ready to go.

ChaseLambeth said in the Reddit thread they’ve purchased more of the larger-but-still-tiny tiny Game Boys to make more of them. If you’ve got a hankering to get your hands on a very small old gaming machine, it looks like, for a price, the internet is ready to accommodate.