At first, you might think it’d be difficult for a game like Far Cry Primal—which is about being a caveman who controls vicious animals to kill people and other animals—to have much in the way of a coherent narrative. But it does, if the latest trailer for the game is any indication.

That narrative is, apparently, that cavemen don’t like each other very much.

“In the face of deadly predators and even deadlier foes,” Ubisoft’s press release on the game reads, “the hunter Takkar comes to Oros to help the Wenja people rise above extinction.” You play Takkar, it’s not too clear where Oros is, the Wenja people seem nice, and their Stone Age enemies are cannibal jerkfaces.

You can also tell bears, wolves, panthers, leopards, owls and sabretooth tigers to rip out the throats of your enemies. As in other recent Far Cry games, it would appear you have some kind of magic that makes you awesome and capable of riding woolly mammoths. So far, the story of Takkar, mammoth-riding neanderthal-slaying bear-whisperer, sounds like the best Far Cry story ever.

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