I’m not really sure how to describe the Father John Misty’s music video for his latest track “Total Entertainment Forever,” so I’ll just list things that happen. A George Washington-esque dude puts on a makeshift Oculus Rift headset, which transports us to a room wherein Kurt Cobain, played by Macaulay Culkin, is being whipped. Then Cuklin gets crucified by a bunch of Nazis dressed like Ronald McDonald (one has hook hands). In the next scene, Culkin is flanked by Jon Arbuckle and a sax-playing Bill Clinton. At one point, a real Ronald McDonald makes an Alien-like leap out of a dude’s chest. There’s also some chick holding an “Everyone is Gay” sign.

Father John Misty has always been on the razor’s edge of irony and not-irony. His songs are half-joking, half-serious and nearly always good. What’s the irony level here? I legitimately don’t know if we’re supposed to take this stuff seriously or if Father John was just like, “Ok, sure, this is weird, let’s do it.” At a very minimum, you should watch above.