There’s a very relieved family in Nuevo, California, thanks to its patriarch springing into action like a badass to keep his daughter from being kidnapped.

“Everybody tells me that I’m overprotective,” said Tim LeBlanc, “and apparently I’m underprotective.”

Around 2 a.m., LeBlanc noticed his daughter missing from her bedroom, looking as though she had snuck out for the night.

With his older son, LeBlanc scoured the neighborhood, coming upon a grown man putting LeBlanc’s daughter into his truck down the street. LeBlanc confronted the perpetrator, who lied about his identity, having met the daughter through social media (under false pretenses). LeBlanc didn’t buy any of it, knocked the creep out cold and took his picture while waiting for police to arrive.

“From what I gained from my interaction with this guy,” said LeBlanc, “I don’t think that she would’ve ever come home alive.

The predator was charged with intention to commit a sex act.