I’ve had three significant girlfriends in my life. The first Dad LOVED me. Like too much. The second Dad liked me I think, but then passed away before I really got to know him. The third Dad is not in the picture, so I may not ever know. That being said, I feel like Dad’s are fairly easy to please. Just treat their daughter’s like Queens, have a job, and show some respect. And if you can’t do these three things, you don’t really deserve to have a girlfriend anyway. Below are 11 fathers who took to Reddit to share the things that their daughter’s significant others’ have done right or done wrong.

My daughter’s boyfriend has done quite a few things to make me hate him, specifically my daughter.

He’s 26 and my daughter is 18. I don’t like that. But he fashioned me a wooden desk and painted my office. That, I like.

The boy did chores without being asked. Hard to hate a boy who does the chores.

He bought me scotch for my birthday after dating her for only a couple of months. He gave my wife something similarly nice the next month for her birthday, but since it wasn’t scotch I can’t remember what he did.

My youngest son has a type of congenital myopathy that makes him very weak. While he can walk, he can’t run or jump and falls down a lot. Needless to say he finds this very humiliating (he is 16). We were at a restaurant and my son was standing next to me with untied shoelaces. Unfortunately he tripped and, due to his weakness, could not catch himself, crashing heavily to the ground in the middle of a crowded restaurant. My daughter’s boyfriend, without missing a beat, immediately lay down next to him on the floor and asked him “how is it going down here” and otherwise made some small talk to ease some of my son’s embarrassment. He has always treated my son like his little brother but that selfless act was unforgettable. Needless to say I have loved him like a son ever since.

Called my daughter and my son-in-law answers, “this is the man of the house” then he says, “hang on, I’ll go get her, she’s on the shitter” - one of the many gems we have.

The moment I met my son-in-law I liked him. He was smart, educated and a real gentleman. He opens the car doors for my daughter and he treats her with a lot of respect. He saves his money and doesn’t spend frivolously and best of all…they never ask for a dime.

Boy follows her up to her room after she tells him to stay downstairs. I’m upstairs working in my office, and boy does not know this. I throw him back downstairs, not because he came up to her room, but because he didn’t listen to her, which is highly disrespectful. Read him the riot act. I think he is a slow learner, so stay tuned.

My wife died whilst giving birth to our daughter, so naturally my daughter and I are very close. When she brought home this scruffy looking guy who hadn’t done well in school, who was unemployed and trying to make his band successful, I didn’t like him at all. She could do better. About a year into their relationship, my daughter discovered that she was pregnant. My heart sunk, not because I didn’t want a grandchild, but because I knew she hadn’t planned it and I knew she was too kind to ever consider an alternative to keeping it. Her boyfriend approached me one evening shortly after the pregnancy was announced, with a bottle of whiskey and asked if we could talk. I accepted the offer and we sat down and had a drink together. He confessed that he was scared to have a child but how he had already started saving money and how he’d started looking for a job. He explained how he knew that he wasn’t good enough for my daughter but that he loved her with all of his heart and wanted to support her in her choice - even if that meant throwing away his music dreams. I will admit, we both got very drunk and ended up getting along well. This boy I had first judged was actually a very nice, warm gentleman who simply wanted the best for my daughter and their future child. That was good enough for me, so I invited him to live with us and got him a job working at the same hospital I work for. Today, I have two grandchildren and my daughter and future son-in-law are getting hitched next weekend!

My wife and I lent my daughter my wife’s car to go to work. One night there was a heavy downpour and the street in front of their apartment started to flood. My daughter calls us hysterical because the street is flooding and she doesn’t know what to do. So my wife and I head over and my wife’s car is stalled in the street and the water is rising. The water is so high that the car won’t start. The rear interior is starting to flood. My daughter and I push the car out of the water to higher ground, but the inside of my wife’s car is flooded on one side. He stayed inside the whole time and would not come out and help us. My daughter loves him so I tolerate him. But whenever my son and I talk about my daughter’s husband, we call him “The Douche”.

Well, my daughter is 4 ½ and her boyfriend Henry James is the son of my best friend from college. The first time Henry met her, she was three and he was 2 ½ and he unbuttoned her shirt, in the back, with little tiny buttons that took me forever to button up. Just a couple days ago, he pulled the smoothest line I ever heard when he said “I have a new flashlight, let’s turn out the lights.” I let that go, but about 15 minutes later I heard all kinds of commotion coming from his bedroom and went to investigate. They were both in the bed, a little kid bed with a guardrail, so he couldn’t fall out, and they were chasing each other around and around. In a dark room. With my little girl. I’m not going to say I like the little dude, but I respect that. I was 17 before I got a pretty girl in my bed in the dark. And now I think I ought to go clean my shotgun.