If you haven’t seen Batman v Superman, don’t worry about it. It’s really not that good. The plot is just weird and not compelling. Jesse Eisenberg is atrociously bad as Lex Luthor. (Like, really bad.) One of the few bright spots was Gal Gadot’s performance as Wonder Woman. For her ability to rise above the shit pile that was BvS, here are the best GIFs we could find of Miss Gadot.

1. Let’s Hope She’s Not Aiming This at Superman Since He’s Already Taken

2. When Your Movie Gets Bad Reviews But Still Makes $100 Million at the Box Office…

3. Only Slightly Less Disorienting Than the ‘Batman v Superman’ Fight Scenes

4. We’re Guessing This Will Be Her Uniform When She Teams Up with Aquaman

5. The Audience’s Reaction When She Showed Up

6. Best Shot in the Movie?

7. Or Maybe This

8. When the Guys Ask If They Can See What’s Behind the Shield

9. She’s Got an Intense Gaze

10. Who Would Actually Win in a Fight Between Batman and Superman?

11. She Definitely Seems Like She Doesn’t Get Intimidated Easily

12. It Would’ve Been Nice to See Her Laugh in BvS. It Would’ve Been Nice to See Anyone Laugh TBH

13. Here She is Just Stroking Some Girl’s Hair

14. And Here She is in Bed

15. Her One Weakness: Winking

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