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Exit Clear

The McDonald’s Holiday Cup Debacle: Our Favorite Tweets So Far

The story of how a McDonald’s cup with a simple mitten graphic became a meme gold mine has humble beginnings. The arrival of the holiday season brought with it the usual glut of seasonal maketing, with every brand in sight trying to capture that evergreen and hugely lucrative warmth. But when McDonald’s entered the fray with its new McCafe cup, the Twittersphere saw something else entirely. With the addition of a few wavy lines, the graphic became a person presenting themselves in a… rather crude fashion. This, of course, is a byproduct of the internet driving the collective unconscious into the gutter. But hey, the gutter is a pretty funny place to be!

Here are three of our favorite responses to the altered cup.

And we couldn’t resist positing a few of our own captions…




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