When you’re a stripper I assume you can kind of go easy on the details. You’re not exactly a method actor, so researching the role of something like a cowboy-themed stripper more or less ends at buying the right shirt and cheap toy guns. So if you’re an FBI-themed stripper, maybe you don’t have to go all out with a bulletproof vest and a freakin’ assault rifle.

That’s what went down last weekend in Frankfurt’s red-light district when a male stripper strutted around dressed to the nines as an FBI agent, an outfit he largely discarded at a nearby table-dance bar, per the job.

The gun was plastic, sure, but according to police it “had deceiving similarities to a G36 assault rifle.” So much so that prosecutors in Frankfurt are now evaluating whether the possession of the rifle replica violates German gun laws. The bulletproof vest wasn’t half-assed either. It had “FBI” emblazoned on it in legit fashion, not by messy highlighter or spray paint.

Like Arrested Development’s Gob, this 30-year-old Hungarian stripper learned the hard way that being too convincing of a stripper is not so good. Numerous police officers were deployed to the red-light district after several sightings were reported. So the lesson here is cool it on the accuracy, and maybe have a good, long think about your sexy stripper persona, because … FBI agent, really?