Award-winning journalist Jessica Bennett’s new book, Feminist Fight Club: An Office Survival Manual for a Sexist Workplace, hits the stands this week. Influenced by Bennett’s own experiences of sexism in male-dominated offices, Feminist Fight Club is a hilarious handbook on how to navigate a patriarchal work place. The book is named after the real-world organization Bennett created after realizing how many women experienced the same sexism she did in the work place, from men stealing their ideas to interrupting them in meetings to labeling them as overly aggressive or emotional. In response, Bennett formed Feminist Fight Club, a safe space where women could share stories and strategize how to confront sexism while promoting equal pay. (The book’s jacket nods to that injustice joking, “Book is 21 percent more expensive for men.“)

In Feminist Fight Club, Bennett compiles a mix of personal stories, research and statistics that she hopes will help women combat sexism. A highlight of the book is Bennett’s “PSAs”—public service announcements. To celebrate her book’s release, Bennet offered Playboy an exclusive excerpt of one of her favorites, “How To Have A Dick Without Being One.”

Women are interrupted at twice the rate of men. So you can stop interrupting, but even better—because you’re reading this book and so obviously must not interrupt—you can be a Manterrupter Interrupter, interjecting manterruptions on behalf of your female colleagues. It’s as easy as “Hey, can you let her finish?” Maybe come up with a signal for your male colleagues when they’re manterrupting, like in baseball. Now it’s fun, like sports. You guys like sports. Guess what, so do women.

We’re sick of hearing about manspreading too—and, we get it, it looks really comfortable—but men really do take up more space: a ten-to fifteen-degree angle more. We get it, there’s more down there, but Gore Vidal crossed his legs, so you can too. So, scoot your chair four inches away, adjust whatever needs adjusting, and please, close your legs. People have been telling us to do it for years.

Companies with more women in leadership are more successful: more collaborative, more profitable, more inclusive, and having more women in power may actually encourage women to bring their ideas forward. They also smell better. (Did we mention that?) So if you’re going to bother buying Tom shoes, “sustainable,” hair gel, or that “fair trade” coffee, why not apply the same idealism to companies that support women? I bet you come in way more contact with disenfranchised women than barefoot children.