Video series “Tropes vs. Women in Video Games” looks at the way games depict female characters, usually exposing that in large part, the way games show and use women characters as opposed to men is a bit, well, skewed.

The latest “Tropes” video, from pop culture web series Feminist Frequency, is all about butts: specifically, the way the butts of women characters are emphasized while, in many cases, those of men characters are not. In fact, they’re hidden with what seems like a really high degree of effort on the part of developers. Almost like some devs are afraid. Afraid of digital man butts.

Like most of the “Tropes” videos, the Butts episode is mostly just about how often these things occur—it’s not necessarily bad for a woman character to have an attractive ass, but when almost every woman character seems to have special emphasis placed on the top of her legs, and almost no men do, you might start to see a trend in the way certain characters are depicted by the industry.