Born and raised outside of Toronto,’s stunning new woman to watch this week was a household animation staple until she hitched a ride to Los Angeles, determined not to return to the Great White North.

After a slew of guest spots on comedy staples Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother, our latest Femme on Fire joined the main cast of CBS comedy Gary Unmarried, where she played the sexy young station manager. Alongside her recurring role on Drop Dead Diva as a dead model, the beautiful Brooke D’Orsay stars in USA’s hit media dramedy Royal Pains, where she plays the role of Paige, a wealthy general’s daughter who doesn’t let greenbacks get to her head.

Taking a break while shooting the second season, D’Orsay had a moment to chat with us about her hilarious role, overprotective parents and giving unconventional dating advice. Tell us about your character, Paige.

Brooke D’Orsay: She’s a rich Hamptonite who comes [from] money — but she’s never about the money. She’s as generous as she is kind and stylish and loyal. She was raised by a four-star general, so she’s extremely benevolent but still has a “take no prisoners” side to her that makes her full and fleshed out. She’s just a cool chick! What can we expect this season on Royal Pains?

D’Orsay: It’s the same feel-good, blue sky show with medical MacGyver moments. For Paige and (fiancé) Evan, their relationship is going to continue to progress; there’s still things to uncover between them — testing the boundaries of their relationship. What’s the best reason for our male audience to tune in to the show?

D’Orsay: It’s beautiful! I mean, men are visual creatures. The locations, the female guest stars — the whole MacGyver situation. It speaks well to a guy. Throw in some pretty girls and Bob’s your uncle. [laughs] Sorry, that’s a Canadian saying. Do you get teased for that on set?

D’Orsay: All the time! But I think it’s awesome to say things like “Bob’s your uncle” and “eh?” I think it’s inclusive! I think it should be adopted here, to be honest. [laughs] Your character has to deal with an overbearing father who doesn’t really approve of your fiancé. Have your parents ever embarrassed you in front of a guy, or disapproved?

D’Orsay: My dad and brother disapproved of every boyfriend I had growing up…every single one except the one I have now. And it was for crazy reasons — the first, his pants were too big; the second, he wore jewelry; and the third one, he had a broken arm. And the fourth one had cheap tires. Wait, they held a broken arm against someone?

D’Orsay: [Laughs] I may be a bit exaggerating there. Any reason to say: “That guy sucks!” So fairly protective?

D’Orsay: Totally protective. I had a lot of guys looking out for me. You were recently part of a reincarnation plot in Drop Dead Diva; if you could be reincarnated into any living person’s body, who would it be and why?

D’Orsay: I would want to be one of the Jolie-Pitt kids. I’m not choosy — I don’t care which one. I think it’s such an amazing family, like the modern-day Brady Bunch…if Carol and Mike Brady were two really big movie stars. [laughs] You got to play Barney Stinson’s wife in season four of How I Met Your Mother; what was it like working with Neil Patrick Harris?

D’Orsay: It was amazing. I’ve loved him since his Doogie Howser days, but I don’t think we’re supposed to talk about those. [laughs] He was just effortless to work with, just instantly your friend. What’s a night out look like for you?

D’Orsay: It depends; if my girlfriends are around we definitely like to go out and have some drinks. I think as long as you have some friends and some simple syrup, you’re good to go. What’s your guilty pleasure song?

D’Orsay: It’s the Glee version of “Don’t Stop Believing”…it’s pretty guilty! [laughs] That song has been my guilty pleasure for the last three years; I don’t know what that says about me. What do you have coming up?

D’Orsay: I have a Hallmark movie coming up on July 21. My character is struggling to find her place in life. She was the popular girl in high school — she becomes a dating coach to this [guy] who had a crush on her in childhood. What would be your most important piece of dating advice to a guy?

D’Orsay: Shave your arms. Really?

D’Orsay: I don’t love hairy arms, but no, I’d still love a man with giant hairy arms. Do you force your fiancé to shave his arms?

D’Orsay: No, no! [laughs] I’d say, actually, learn to dance. Women love a guy who knows how to dance. What was your first Playboy?

D’Orsay: I grew up in a houseful of boys, so Playboys were a household occurrence. Playboys were just strewn about like Good Housekeeping. Honestly.

Royal Pains airs Wednesdays 9/8c on USA.