You already know Christine Bently for her incredible body and roles in such films as Shark Night 3D and Humans Versus Zombies, but pretty soon you’ll be seeing her moves in Hot Tub Time Machine 2, where she plays a very sexy stripper (we’re taking her word for it), and in the upcoming HBO show Ballers, which stars bad boy duo Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson. 2014 is Bently’s year, which is why she’s our next Femme on Fire. Congrats for getting a role in Ballers!

Bently: I just got back from Miami where we were shooting the pilot. I was shooting my scenes for maybe a week and a half, which was nice because the weather here was cold and rainy. It was really exciting. They had actually read me for a smaller part. When I heard back from them I was back home visiting my family in Texas, and they wanted to test me for a recurring role. So I put my audition on tape and sent it in and I got a call that Sunday saying that I booked it and that I had to be in Miami the following day. [laughs] So it was kind of a whirlwind. Did you get to work with Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson while shooting in Miami?

Bently: Dwayne, yes. Mark was, unfortunately, not there while we were shooting. He’s got a lot going on with premieres in movies and all that stuff he’s working on so he didn’t get a chance to make it out. But when we start shooting the episodes I’m sure he’ll make it out. I can’t wait to meet him! But Dwayne was amazing! There were a few other people to mention too: Troy Garity, who plays my boyfriend, is great; Denzel Washington’s son John David Washington is in it as well as Rob Corddry from Hot Tub Time Machine 2! Could you tell me a bit about your role?

Bently: Basically the show follows celebrity athletes and their careers, whether they’re retired or currently playing. I play a celebrity golfer who’s big in the LPGA. It’s exciting to play a more substantial character than just the typical hot girl role. It’s such a relief because I’m actually not that hot girl. In reality, I’m a tomboy! So it’s exciting to be doing something sporty because it’s totally me. And it’s on HBO, so how much better can it get, right?

Bently: It’s ridiculous. HBO is the network. Every actor wants to be on an HBO show and I am just so thrilled for the opportunity. I loved your Maxim shoot! When did you start modeling? Was this something that came before or after acting?

Bently: I started modeling when I was about 15 years old. At that age I got into runway modeling and I was super skinny and five-nine in seventh or eighth grade. I looked like Gumby, I was so dangly. So I got into high fashion runway modeling around then. But I’ve always been a rebel and ran my mouth when I didn’t get what I wanted, so while modeling was really fun and I loved doing it, ultimately it wasn’t for me. So I got into acting shortly afterwards. I attended an acting conservatory right out of high school and I just fell in love. Did you go straight into film and television work or were you a theater geek?

Bently: I was theatrically trained and I did a lot of theater. But as much as I love theater, I wanted to do film and television so I transitioned into that pretty quickly, in part because of the Louisiana casting consensus. I was living in Texas and they were filming so many films and wanted to hire locals, so that’s how I got into television and film. I had so many credits racked up before I moved out to Los Angeles, so that was really great to have that jump start. Lately you got to work on Hot Tub Time Machine 2!

Bently: I was so ecstatic when they told me I got the part because they said that they auditioned so many people and they were afraid they weren’t going to find what they were looking for. And when I came in to audition they were so happy. I was just thrilled to be working with comedians because I mainly do comedic work. It was also one of those films where improv was highly encouraged. The director was so amazing, we’d have lines but he’d just say, “Just go for whatever you’re feeling!” and that was so great and it made it really special. I kind of have a sexy scene in the movie; I play a stripper so I think Playboy will really enjoy seeing it! [laughs] That’s all I can say. Working with such a hilarious cast must’ve been a blast!

Bently: The funny story is that I was actually there for a week before we started shooting. When they flew me out they were behind schedule and so I was there for a whole week, hanging out with the cast, going out for dinner and to strip clubs in Louisiana. We went to the White Castle at like four o’clock in the morning with Craig Robinson and Rob Corddry. It was just crazy fun. Definitely hanging out at the strip club was my favorite part! [laughs] You’ve done a lot of horror films, too. Do you like working in such a different genre?

Bently: I absolutely love horror films; I’ve always been obsessed with horror movies so I was really thankful to get into that niche. I think there’s a stigma with horror films and that’s associated with bad actresses. But I also think to be able to act like your life is being taken from you is extremely difficult. For example when I did Shark Night 3D, it was so grueling. It was literally three days of me screaming and crying over and over. You have to bring it nonstop and at times that can be so difficult. I hate that horror stories get a bad rap, because it’s absolutely my favorite genre. I would love to do more. I’m terrified of sharks and underwater creatures, I’d be so scared to freak out and flail in the water three days in a row! I’d get myself so worked up.

Bently: You know what’s so funny? I’m terrified of lakes. Oceans are okay, but lakes just creep me out. We were actually shooting Shark Night 3D in a real lake and I would ask, “Uh, did you guys clear the lake for stuff?” [laughs] But I’m so terrified of things slithering underwater. What else are you working on?

Bently: I’m really trying to transition into television and I’ve done a couple of television shows already. As much as I love film, I am from the instant gratification generation and I love to see my work after I do it so television is so great for that. You film a show and then a month later you get to see it and you reap all the benefits from it immediately. I also did a movie called Ghost of Goodnight Lane a couple years ago and this is going to be a really good one. The script is really great. It’s written as a horror comedy, kind of like Diablo Cody’s Jennifer’s Body. It stars Billy Zane who plays a director, I play his actress and Lacey Chabert and Matt Dallas are in the ensemble as well. Lacey and I were both in Maxim one month after another so that was really cool! That film just got picked up for distribution a few weeks ago! I’m not sure when it’s going to be coming out. What’s your…

Favorite food: I love comfort food, so chicken-fried steak and mashed potatoes, French fries, pizza… Basically anything you’d expect me not to say, that’s what I love. I just love carbs in general.

Favorite drink: I love cream soda. It’s so weird to order it in fancy restaurants. It’s so white trash! You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the girl! I don’t care—it’s delicious!

*Embarrassing moment: *I’ve helped my friends out of numerous tricky situations by being an actress. But to get out of every situation I noticed that getting your period works the best. So for example my friend and I had gone to a Subway and we parked where we weren’t supposed to, and when we stepped out, a lady was putting a boot on my friend’s tire. So my friend immediately started panicking and crying to the lady that she didn’t know we’d parked in an illegal spot. So I thought quick, ran into Subway. I was wearing a white dress, so I put ketchup all over it and came out and said, “I’m so sorry, I’m so embarrassed, she doesn’t want to tell you but I just got my period and that’s why we parked there—I really needed a tampon.” So, long story short, we didn’t have to pay for the ticket and she unbooted the car…but I had to walk around with ketchup on my dress all day.

Worst pickup line: Guys don’t really use pickup lines these days, but I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really get hit on a lot. I think I might look really bitchy! But I’m not!

First memory of Playboy: The maid found my dad’s! I was in sixth grade, that’s probably my most distinct memory.