Dia Frampton may be touring the world for the first time, but that didn’t stop her from taking a moment to stop and speak with us about working with The Crystal Method, her sister’s jewelry line and what’s in store for her in 2014.

Playboy.com: I love the music video for the song “Over It” you did with The Crystal Method. Can you explain what that song means for you?

Dia Frampton: It was really fun to film. I loved the concept; Zak Stoltz did an awesome job. I actually wrote it originally as a folk song. It was just me on guitar; it was a really slow and jangly folk song. For me the song is about second chances in relationships. About owning up to messing up or not realizing how good something was and asking someone if they will take you back. The line “I’m over it” is basically about being over myself and how I had been acting. [laughs] It’s kind of funny because lyrically I’ll write what comes out. But that song happened quite a while ago, a little over a year ago, I believe, and the lyrics are hitting closer to home now than they were then.

Playboy.com: So how did you and The Crystal Method hook up?

Frampton: Actually, my manager’s assistant babysits for Scott [Kirkland]’s kids! She ended up listening to their music quite a bit and one day had the idea of getting me in the studio with him and working on something. At first I thought it maybe wouldn’t work because we’re so different, but I pushed those thoughts aside and went forward with it. I’m so happy I did. They are so incredible to work with. They’ve been doing this for so long and are so successful with everything that they’ve done. They’re actually scoring J.J. Abrams’ new show right now! I love that they just honestly don’t care what’s going on outside of their [vision]. Sometimes you collaborate with writers and producers and they’re so eager or so hungry to funnel your sound into what’s hot in the industry now. Scott and Ken [Jordan] just don’t give a shit! They’re so chill, they just do their own thing. Ken is the most awesome person ever. He’s really healthy, too—when we were at rehearsal the other day his wife came and brought him this huge green veggie juice and protein bars. [laughs] It was really fun to work with them.

Playboy.com: You just got back from touring Asia. Was this your first time there?

Frampton: Yes, it was! It’s been great opening for James Blunt. It’s always great to go and tour a place like that with someone as seasoned as James because you learn so much from expert performers. I’m actually going back to Manila, Malaysia and Thailand soon. It’s been really cool to become more aware about other parts of the world. I’ve been touring America since I was 17. I did the Warped Tour three times and when I was younger I’d be on the road eight to 10 months out of the year, so I [never really had the time to visit] all these different places. It’s opened a lot of doors for me, too. I just recorded a new single in the Thai language, so I’ve been trying to embrace it in different ways!

Playboy.com: Was there anything that really surprised you when you played?

Frampton: In China the audiences are really quiet; this was at first confusing to me. I kept wondering, “Did they hate us, what’s going on?” But that’s kind of the style of concerts they have there. They sit down to enjoy the performance, and it’s just something I wasn’t aware of. It was kind of weird to get used to; it’s a big difference from playing for American crowds! But the show that really stuck out for me was when we played in Hong Kong—it’s such an amazing city. I felt a really strong connection with the crowd during that show, more so than usual. It was probably all in my head, but it was really amazing to be performing in a city and be so present with everybody there.

Playboy.com: It sounds like you had a really wonderful time!

Frampton: Over the years I’ve had a lot of wonderful moments. Touring with Blake Shelton for three months was incredible. It was his idea—it wasn’t anyone from The Voice telling him that he had to take me on tour, and the fact that he offered us that tour meant a lot to me. He was just so supportive every night, and I got to go out on stage with him to sing “I Will,” which is a song we did together on my album. It was just really wonderful.

Playboy.com: Apart from your music, I see that you’re very active on Twitter and you also have a really nice jewelry line! How did that start?

Frampton: That’s actually my sister’s jewelry line! I post about it all the time so lots of people think it’s mine. [laughs] It’s wonderful, though. We’ve played music forever together so I’ve kind of been hands on because I’m living vicariously through her. It’s funny because we were driving to the airport in Hong Kong and she was talking about jewelry ideas for Valentine’s Day because she wanted to make something special. I told her it would be great if she did some long-distance necklaces because I’m always in long-distance relationships. So she lets me chime in and collaborate on her projects sometimes. Her jewelry is really cool. She’s done a great job.

Playboy.com: What does 2014 have in store for you?

Frampton: My new year’s resolution is to have Sandra Bullock’s body in Gravity. There’s that one point where she is floating in the spacecraft and you just can’t help but stare at her thighs of steel. I always get out of shape while I’m on tour so I’m hoping that’s not yet another resolution that loses its way! But I want to work out on tour and stay healthy. I’ve also been working on an album for a long time. So I also need to get an album out for 2014. If it doesn’t come out this year I’m going to do something crazy. I have to make that promise to myself, “If I don’t get this album out I’m going to go running stark naked down Hollywood Boulevard.” I’m such a perfectionist—it’s a huge flaw of mine. It’s to the point where I’ve written 70 songs and I need to pick 10.

Playboy.com: What’s your…

Favorite food: I’m a crazy foodie but I have a terrible sweet tooth. I love cupcakes, baked goods, ice cream…This is a terrible story, but this one time I got home and I needed something sugary and I didn’t have anything in my house because I hadn’t been shopping in forever, so I got a bag of marshmallows and melted it in a bowl and put milk in it and made this weird marshmallow-warm-milk cream. I had two sips of it and threw it away. It was a low point for me. But as far as food goes I love my mom’s cooking and all of the amazing ramen spots L.A. has to offer.

Favorite drink: I really love an old fashioned or white wine with dinner.

Worst pickup line: I was at this bar on Santa Monica and some guy came up to me and said, “I can see you eye-fucking my friend from across the room.” I couldn’t believe how disrespectful that was! Funny thing was that I didn’t even know who he was talking about. Also, that’s not classy at all. There was a jazz band playing! Man up!

*First memory of Playboy: *I think my first memory of Playboy is seeing it in old ‘80s movies. That’s the first thing I think about when I see Playboy, one of those old teen flicks where you know they’re sneaking them. [laughs]