She’s beautiful, talented, hilarious and has a killer voice. Read on to find out why sexy Latina Fernanda Romero is our latest Femme on Fire. Mission Park has been getting some great reviews and now it’s finally heading to select theatres. What do moviegoers need to know going into the film?

Romero: It’s a drama, it’s fun and it’s definitely going to be entertaining! [laughs] Mission Park is based on a true story. What’s interesting is that it’s actually our director Bryan Ramirez’ story. This really did happen where it was shot in San Antonio, Texas. It must’ve been fascinating as an actor to work with a director who went through all of these things personally.

Romero: There are certain things that have been exaggerated for film, but it was all based on his story. Those characters were real, and he would tell us how these people reacted and held themselves throughout the situation. In a way it was easier, but it was harder for us to make the characters our own and give them breath, but it was really good, it was helpful to have him there. It was a new kind of challenge! Talk a bit about your character and what drew you to her?

Romero: As an actor, to play a character like her with such an interesting arc is thrilling. Gina starts off as this innocent chola from San Antonio that has a first love. Through her life, insecurities and experiences in meeting other people she turns into something else, this femme fatale grown-up woman in the world. I liked that change in her as an actor. Were you surprised that this small indie film eventually made its way to a wide theatre release?

Romero: Yeah, I was really excited. I’m really happy that AMC theatres gave us this home and opportunity to show this film to more people. Mission Park has been going through festivals throughout the year and we’ve got a really good response. AMC saw that opportunity and gave us that chance. It’s a great opportunity for other indie filmmakers to support this kind of film because it can open more doors and we can start showing our films in these kinds of theatres that primarily show commercial films that have big budgets. You’re in another film, Ghost Team One, which is doing very well in film festivals too. Do you like doing smaller indie films?

Romero: I do. At the end of the day the story is what moves you. I’ve been doing more film than TV, but I just go with the flow. [laughs] And with Ghost Team One it was just that kind of script that you read and it’s so fun. After that I realized I should do more comedy. It just kind of happened, that film, too. It was just the cast and the energy between us all made that film happen. I don’t know how to explain it; you’re just going to have to see it for yourself. I think it’s going to be carried on a lot of word of mouth like a cult film. You’ll also be starring in a Spanish sketch comedy web series on the lovely Sofia Vergara’s YouTube channel. Is this your first time doing sketch comedy?

Romero: It’s my first time. I got the invite and I just had to do it. I think comedians are amazing. One of my favorite comedians is probably Kristen Wiig; I just love her in SNL. I always thought that it would be fun to do all of those crazy characters and play with them and then I got this phone call. I actually just shot the second season and it was really fun! I got to play totally different characters from the first season and I had a blast. On September 4th we have our first episode coming out on the Nuevon channel. Before starring in Mission Park you did a stint of horror films, and before that you were in some thrillers. What is your favorite genre to work in?

Romero: I really like comedy. It is harder being a Latin girl because the pacing is different since American jokes translate different in Spanish and sometimes we don’t get it, right? So there’s a lot of “That was a joke!” and “Okay, sorry,” being said, but I like the challenge. Drama is fun; I find it a little bit easier for me. Maybe I’m a masochist and I love to suffer. [laughs] You’ve got a lot of projects that will take you into the New Year and beyond. What are you most excited for your fans to see?

Romero: Definitely Mission Park and Ghost Team One is a must, and I would love their support because I’m sure they’re going to like both films. I have a band called The White Cherries that I’m doing some stuff with, which they can check out on YouTube and SoundCloud. We’re also playing around L.A. so hopefully they come see us. We’re a folktronic indie band. I wish I could play an instrument; I just write and do vocals. I started in music but it was a totally different genre. It was in Mexico City and it was pop music. It’s totally different when you’re singing there and there’s a big monster like BMG Records behind you telling you “Okay, this is what you have to wear, this is your lyrics.” This is totally different and personal. I’m behind all of the art and everything and it feels awesome and I really enjoy it. What’s been your funniest moment on set throughout your career?

Romero: The guys on Ghost Team One would scare me all the time. I had to do a scene in this horrible dungeon garage and they locked the door on me. I was banging and screaming for them to let me out. It was scary because that place was horrible. What’s your…

Favorite drink: I love coconut water with a splash of pineapple and Mexican beer.

Favorite food: Obviously Mexican, but other than that Italian.

Worst pickup line: “Hey, I think I know you!”

Most embarrassing moment: I fell doing choreography on live TV with my old singing group. Honestly, I stood up like I was M.J. doing the moonwalk. They obviously panned on me and right at that moment I jumped up. I was so embarrassed!

First memory of Playboy: Nudity and beautiful nude women!

Styling by Alvin Still Well. Hair by Sienree. Make-Up by Marco Ochoa.