This week’s gorgeous woman to watch has been making the crime scene rounds over the past few years between CSI, Cold Case and Criminal Minds. Born in Dallas, this stunning beauty commands the attention in the room, be it for her ravishing red locks, seductive emerald eyes or the quirky personality she brings wherever she goes.

Currently starring on MTV’s stellar reimagining of Michael J. Fox’s hit cult film Teen Wolf, our newest Femme on Fire Holland Roden steals the spotlight each week as the hard-to-get bombshell Lydia.

With Teen Wolf starting its exciting new season this weekend, Lydia took a moment to speak with us about her character’s transformation after a creature encounter that closed out last year, the joys of running nude in the forest and of course, being a ginger. When we see you at the start of season two, you’re literally not wearing much – what was it like running around naked in the forest?

Roden: You know, girls love hearing, “Okay, you’re going to be wearing nipple covers and a thong.” But it comes with the territory of a supernatural teenage TV show. I was okay with it. Tell us about your character, Lydia, on the show.

Roden: I would say (her reaction to being bitten is) definitely a mental breakdown, as well as a mental breakout. In the first season she was a cartoony, hollow shell of a person – this season I can be a little more human with her. Lydia’s the vixen on the show; what’s the hottest thing about playing that character?

Roden: Well I can tell you the coldest part is shooting in a minidress six months out of the year, literally wearing nothing in 17-degree weather. [Laughs] That’s normal for us; it’s wet, it’s night, it’s cold. Do you get tired of constantly filming in the woods at night?

Roden: Yes! We’re not hobbits. At least I’m not the girl with a bow and arrow. How has it been to recreate an iconic film like Teen Wolf?

Roden: It’s really fun for me because I’m such a Michael J. Fox fan – I love Back to The Future. It’s fun hearing all the quirky casting stories and movie set stories from the ’80s. He was filming Teen Wolf and he walked out on the front lawn and saw the production trucks with Back to the Future on them and was like, “I want to do that film.” For fun facts’ sake, a small part of what Michael J. Fox has been part of has been such a dream come true for me. Redheads get a rep in pop culture. What do you have to say to critics?

Roden: I’m from Texas, and if you’re not a blonde then you’re an outcast. I didn’t enjoy it growing up because I am a real redhead; apparently there aren’t a lot of us in Hollywood, but now that I’m comfortable with it, it’s what makes me unique. I think gingers – we’re like our own little race over here! What’s the worst redhead joke someone’s ever tried on you?

Roden: I think it’s got to be “Does the carpet match the drapes?” Like, why can’t people have hardwood floors? [Laughs] What’s a perfect Friday night out for you like?

Roden: I love going to the movies! I’m like a 1940s chick who could just chill out in the movie theater all day. I love popcorn and movie culture. If you get a Moscow mule into a movie theater – that’s the best hybrid. Tell us about your next film, House of Dust.

Roden: It’s a thriller about schizophrenia. There’s a girl – full-on diagnosed – she goes to college and she’s taking her medication and her roommate starts to go kind of crazy – I’m the roommate – and she starts to wonder “Is my brain acting up again? Is it my meds or something else?” I’m sort of the chatty Cathy, animated girl who morphs into this 60-year-old man with a rat, who was probably in an insane asylum. It was really fun to shoot, we shot up in Connecticut – we actually shot in a 1950s insane asylum. There was all this lead paint and we weren’t allowed to go into any of the other rooms…so one of the other guys and I snuck off and they were yelling at us. It was amazing! What was your first Playboy?

Roden: I’m a Girls Next Door fan. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased a Playboy, to be honest. But I had a bunch of friends with older brothers, so it was that cliché moment when you find the hidden magazines. I agree and disagree with Gloria Steinem with her undercover Playboy in the 70s…but Playboy still always has great articles.

Teen Wolf Season 2 Premieres on Sunday after the MTV Video Awards.

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