You’ve probably fantasized about this superheroine thanks to her role as Sif in the 2011 film Thor, but this badass babe recently starred in the action-packed comedy The Last Stand, which is available on DVD, Blu-Ray and Video on Demand on May 21st, alongside the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger and funny guy Johnny Knoxville. She may have a tough exterior that comes out onscreen, but this gorgeous babe has nothing but kind words for her fans and costars. We love a girl who can kick ass and win hearts too, which is why Jaimie Alexander is this week’s Femme on Fire. You’re not like most girls. You’re all about the action! When did you know you wanted to be an action heroine?

Alexander: I think it may have started when I was young. I grew up with four brothers, I was on my high school wrestling team and that sort of thing. So I’ve always known that I wanted to participate in something that’s quite physically demanding and challenging. I enjoy the training that goes with it. So throughout my childhood that transition happened, and when I came out to Hollywood and got into acting, it just seemed that I fit best into it and I really enjoy it. You obviously get to do a lot of stunts in your other roles. Was there any training that you did for The Last Stand that was new?

Alexander: I got to train with firearms, which I normally don’t do. I have done it in the past, but most of my action is martial arts or something kind of old school like swords and shields. [laughs] But this was working with sniper rifles, handguns and all kinds of stuff. There was some stunt driving, too! Anyway, I trained every morning with an ex-LAPD officer that was on our set who was one of our stunt coordinators. He showed me how to properly handle a weapon, which really helped. I was playing law enforcement; I wasn’t Joe Shmoe off the street that’s like, “I’m going to be a hero now!” I was playing a woman who takes her job seriously and by the book, in the beginning especially. I had to make sure I was really following protocol that an officer would actually do in these sorts of situations. What was the scariest stunt you’ve had to pull off?

Alexander: I think being shot at is very scary! There’s always an off chance that a fragment can get caught in the gun. It’s happened before. I believe it happened to Brandon Lee. In the film there’s a scene where I had several people firing at me at the same time and I’m just sort of exposed. And when you’re shooting a scene like this you’re supposed to aim to the left or the right of the person; you never aim a gun directly at them. But still, that adrenaline! For stunts this movie, that really scared me. So when I’m running from the gunfire onscreen, I’m really running from the gunfire. [laughs] I’m like, “All right, I’m going to jump behind this car now and hide for real!” What’s your funniest memory from set?

Alexander: I’ve said this a lot, but it’s the truth: every day we would all eat lunch together with the crew and the cast, I mean everybody. Arnold and whoever else would have lunch and joke and have a good time. It was so amazing because a lot of times on set, actors especially will get their lunch and go into their trailer by themselves. Nobody really talks with each other or sits around and gets to know each other. This set was very different. We all got to know each other, from the cast to the crew to whoever visited the set. Everybody was sort of part of a family. It was really nice to experience that. It made the cold days a lot better! [laughs] We went through a couple of days that were blizzards on set, so it was very nice to sit around and warm up. Are those action guys as tough as they seem?

Alexander: No, they’re all teddy bears, it’s kind of funny. They’re all so sweet. We had a lot of great stunt people in the film, and of course the cast was great; they were a lot of fun. It was actually the most fun I’ve ever had working on a film before. Were Arnold Schwarzenegger and Johnny Knoxville constantly trying to show each other up?

Alexander: I think Johnny was a little nervous around Arnold; I don’t think he really wanted to goof off too much. Because you’re there and you’re standing next to the Terminator; the last thing you want to do is upset the guy. But Arnold has a great sense of humor; he’s a bit of a prankster. He’s a really fun guy, especially when his kids came to the set. He was just so proud to be there and was very excited, almost kidlike. It was really neat to see that side. And Johnny is very dedicated to his work and very serious when it comes to stunts. He makes sure that he looks at it from all different angles, then he goes about it the best way while making it funny. He’s very smart. As a huge comic book nerd, I have to ask: what’s it like being a Marvel Hero?

Alexander: Oh, it’s awesome; I’m not going to lie, it’s fun. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a superhero! Being an actor is great because you get to act out that childhood fantasy. I just went to the Iron Man 3 premiere and we all received e-mails from Marvel saying that they’d like to see all of the superheroes in attendance. It was so epic! Okay, Marvel, you can count on me to be there! Working with Marvel is really great since they’re all about teamwork. Walking around in our costumes is pretty surreal. Going to Comic-Con must be wild for you.

Alexander: I’m actually more of a fan than an attraction there; I get really excited. Especially nowadays when you have everything there, it’s not just about comic book stuff! It’s sci-fi, fantasy, horror…You go there and you’re like a kid in a candy store! You’re walking around and you see every favorite character from every generation suited up. You have no idea who is under there, but if you see Darth Vader you actually want it to be Darth Vader. You just go with it! You’re very open on your Twitter about women being proud of their health and figures. For you, why do you think it’s important to celebrate the female body?

Alexander: Every body is different. For me, I’m 5’9” and I weigh like 125 pounds at the moment, which for me is on the thinner side; I have no chest! I really like my body like it is. I’d like to add a little more muscle, but I’m not the conventional 36-24-36, you know what I mean? The size that everybody thinks everybody should be? I’m not that, and I think that’s great. The grass is always greener in terms of size. If everybody just appreciated their bodies and just make it work for them, they’d really enjoy it. There’s a reason why they have that body, and if they’re not happy [with what] they have to tell themselves what they like about their bodies. If you could just do that when you wake up in the morning, for instance, if you could just say one thing you really liked about yourself and just go with it for the rest of the day, it would really change things. I think that’s really important, especially for young women these days.

* *What’s your…

Worst pickup line: That I’ve heard? Because I’ve used some! I had a 15-year-old kid at In-N-Out come up to me and he goes, “Did it hurt?” and I said, “What hurt?” because I totally didn’t get it, and he goes, “When you fell from the sky?” and I said, “I didn’t fall out of the sky.” I thought he was making a Thor reference and I was really confused. And he said, “No, girl, you’re an angel!” And I said “You’re 12! I’m really freaked out!” He was cute, but it was really awkward. But I thought, “Oh, that’s really sweet,” but the other part of me was like, “Holy crap, get out of my face!”

Favorite drink: Jameson.

Favorite food: Sour Patch Kids.

An embarrassing moment: I got pantsed in the third grade on the merry-go-round. But lately, I’m not a person that really cares about a lot of things like that and so I don’t let things embarrass me that much. But if I belched really loud in public I’d probably be really proud of that. I’d ask, “Did you hear that?!” So it would probably be the third grade moment. I ended up making the boy cry that did it because he got in trouble.

First memory of Playboy: Oh my gosh, probably the pictures of Hugh Hefner in the ’70s on old magazine covers. I don’t know where I saw that, but that image just popped into my head. I think that would be it, Hugh Hefner in the ’70s. I wasn’t alive yet, but I’ve seen it since!

If you can’t wait until May 21st, download your own copy of The Last Stand on today!