Every horror flick needs a badass blonde chick, and more often than not, Kim Poirier is the one for the job. Star of Dawn of the Dead, Decoys and host of Space Channel’s HypaSpace, Poirier knows her way around the sci-fi world, especially when it comes to killing the undead. Recently Poirier teamed up with her boyfriend Ray Ellingsen and famed graphic artist Tommy Castillo, who’s most noted for his work with DC Comics, to bring their own version of how the zombie apocalypse will play out to life.

*Playboy.com: *So fans of Veronica Mars proved that Kickstarter can really work, and you just had your Kickstarter cleared too. What were you funding?

Poirier: We’ve given famed comic book graphic artist Tommy Castillo the green light to start working on the 100 Days of Death graphic novel, which is based on a trilogy of novels. The first installment is being published in June. We’ve also got the feature film version—I’ll be playing Allison, who’s part of the misfit family the protagonist finds along the way—currently in development too!

*Playboy.com: *You got four backers for the $8,000 pledge, which gets fans a dinner with you, Ray Ellingsen and Richard Hatch. Where are you taking them for dinner?

Poirier: Well, they’ll be staying at the world-famous Safari Inn—the hotel featured in True Romance. (Quarters for vibrating bed not included.) But regarding dinner, I will have to ask the backers what their dietary needs are (and restrictions) and plan from there. If it were just me, we’d go somewhere fancy. I’m a total foodie. If it were just Ray, he’d take them camping and make them catch their own food. If it were just Richard, he’d take them bowling. So for an easy compromise, we’ll ask them what they feel like and find the most enjoyable, yummy place we all decide on. Plus I’m sure we’ll get up to some shenanigans after we dine. What happens in the apocalypse stays in the apocalypse!

*Playboy.com: *What’s your zombie survival plan?

Poirier: I’m going to my boyfriend’s house! Luckily, Ray Ellingsen is my life partner and also my business partner. He’s the one who wrote 100 Days of Death, so he’s got all the guns, the ammunition, the food supplies; I mean, he is ready. He’s already a noted survival expert, so he is stocked to the T!

Playboy.com: **What would be your weapon of choice? I’m assuming you’d have a pretty good pick if you’re heading there.**

*Poirier: *It would probably be an M4 system; it’s a nice-sized gun. [laughs] I’d feel safe slugging that around.

*Playboy.com: *You’ve done a lot of different kind of roles throughout your career, from Mad Men to horror films. What has been your favorite genre to work in?

Poirier: Well, film and television is slightly different, and I’ve also done some hosting as well on a show for four years called HypaSpace. I think hosting and acting and producing each have their own muscle, so to speak, that you get to work. One informs the other, so being able to do all three in various times really allows me to feel a sense of using all my instruments.

*Playboy.com: *You got to do a few fan expos over the past few weeks; was this your first time?

Poirier: It was my first U.S. convention experience; I had done some work at Canadian expos through HypaSpace and signing for Decoys, but this had been my first American solo appearance. I met this husband and wife couple who were just amazing! They were so supportive, enthusiastic and fun to chat with. I also printed up some of Tommy Castillo’s preliminary artwork for the 100 Days of Death graphic novel and brought it with me. I took great joy in watching fans react to how stellar his artwork is! He truly is the master of the macabre and the dark and twisted. I’m also attending Blood at The Beach at Virginia Beach, V.A. from May 10th to the 12th. There are a lot of great people attending this year; it’s going to be great.

*Playboy.com: *So you sent us over some beautiful boudoir shots! When did you start taking photos like this?

Poirier: I actually did a photo shoot with a friend of mine named Mitchell Parsons. We took a bunch of different photos that day, some with just heels and a fedora and others on the bed. We just had fun with it. My first memory of Playboy was Marilyn Monroe actually, so the shots with the sheets were inspired from that particular Playboy shoot. I’m a huge Monroe fan. I was 14 years old when I got that copy of Playboy. My boyfriend at the time and I were going through this old magazine, admiring how beautiful the women and shots were back then. There’s just this way that Playboy shoots women that makes them so intriguingly beautiful; they have this ability to make all women look like goddesses.

*Playboy.com: *You recently got to see a screening of the latest Breaking Bad episode, which Conan O’Brien moderated. Is there anything you can tell us about that?

Poirier: It was screened at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and then they held a reception afterwards where the cast, producers and writers mingled with everyone. It was an extraordinary night! Conan O'Brien was hilarious onstage. And with him being a huge fan of the show, you could feel his passion when he asked questions and interacted with the cast.

Personally, I love getting a bird’s-eye view of how cast members relate to one another, understanding how a project comes into fruition and observing the different dynamics of one’s personality offscreen. Whenever there’s a screening, I’m always the first to RSVP.