Syfy’s Being Human follows what sounds like the beginning of an anecdote: a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf all share an apartment in Boston together…But the supernatural comedy-drama (a remake of the BBC show of the same name) has proven to be a huge hit with fans and critics alike. Kristen Hager, who plays Nora—a nurse accidentally scratched by her werewolf boyfriend Josh (played by Sam Huntington), is the latest Season 3 regular addition to the cast and our latest woman to watch. We went on set with the gorgeous and charismatic Hager to chat about being scratched by a werewolf, shooting sex scenes and her most challenging role to date. Check out her interview and the on-set behind-the-scenes below. {“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“6176”} Tell us about your character. Hager: I am a nurse, and I started off as the love interest of Josh, who’s the werewolf. And by the end of season two I was scratched, and now I’m also a werewolf. What’s going to happen in season three? Hager: I found that season two was really dark, and I think that there’s some levity in this season, and excitement, and a great connection between the roommates that people really related to in season one; that’s back. What’s the most fun part of playing a werewolf? Hager: It’s really freeing, you know? It’s great to just get to play something that’s really ugly. As women, we always feel like, “Ugh, hair and makeup and you have to look perfect,” especially in television, and it’s really fun to just let go and be crazy. {“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“6179”} How does it feel to shoot a sex scene? Hager: I’m never gonna feel comfortable doing it. It’s never sexy, it’s always technical, it’s really uncomfortable, you’re self-conscious, it’s…you know. It’s not ideal. But you just have to forget about the cameras and try and be as present as possible and forget about it and hope for the best. [laughs] What was your most challenging role? Hager: I did a Canadian film in 2008 that premiered at TIFF [Toronto International Film Festival] in 2009 called Leslie, My Name Is Evil and it was about Leslie Van Houten, one of the women in Charles Manson’s cult, and I played her. And it was by far the most challenging role I’ve done. ’Cause she’s a convicted murderer who’s still in jail in Southern California. Lighting Round…. Favorite drink: Red wine. Favorite food: French food. Favorite shot: Whiskey. Secret talent: I can guess people’s birthdays. [laughs] Most embarrassing moment: I drove my mom’s car into the high school wall of the classroom that she was a teacher in. Dream car: Vintage 1972 Porsche. Favorite pickup line: You have very beautiful eyes. [laughs] Works every time! What was your first Playboy *Magazine? *Hager*: I was out in the woods with my best friend at the time, exploring, and there was a blue trunk—like an old, weathered blue trunk—and of course we wanted to see what was inside of it, and amongst old clothes and jars and stuff there was a weathered, watered-down *Playboy Magazine. So at age nine, out in the woods in this magical blue trunk I was flipping through a Playboy. [laughs] Yeah, that was it. Being Human premiers January 14th at 9/8C on Syfy. Follow Kristen on Twitter @Kristen_Hager