While each week this interview series speaks with some of the most gorgeous and up-and-coming talent in TV and film, we rarely get the opportunity to focus on the homegrown content north of the border. This week, our beautiful woman to watch is a hard-cracking police detective in CTV-NBC’s hotly anticipated thriller Motive from acclaimed executive producer Daniel Cerone of Dexter and The Mentalist. Formerly of Fox’s Drive and AMC’s hit drama The Killing, we sit down with Kristin Lehman on her new show, the morality of crime dramas, and Luke Wilson’s claim to fame. * *Playboy.com:** So you’re filming in Vancouver right now? Lehman: I am, and it’s freezing cold. [Laughs] Playboy.com: What were you shooting today? Lehman: It’s a lot of interior police station stuff. The show is about investigating murders, so this is the ground-level bullpen kind of shots. Which is a lot of fun, so it’s just me and three other guys. The thing that’s kind of cool for me with this character is that I get to explore different gender archetypes with the character—I get to almost play her in this male way. Not a woman playing a guy! But much more balls to the wall. When we’re rolling its great to feed off that male energy. Playboy.com: Tell us about the premise of Motive. Lehman: We premiere in February in CTV’; it’s a take on the Whodunit but more of a ‘Whydunit’. What makes our show unique is that the audience, in the first two or three minutes of the episode, knows who the killer and the victim are – they have more information then our cops know. While they’re a little bit ahead of the game, they journey with our cops to find out why through a series of quick and visually compelling flashbacks. Playboy.com: That’s definitely a unique angle to take on the crime genre. Lehman: I’ve watched the first three episodes so far, and at first I was like “I don’t know how this concept is going to play…” but it is fantastic! I was a little weary coming off a show, The Killing that took two seasons—two full years—to catch the killer. But you’re hooked by the very beginning. There’s certainly nothing like it in the Canadian drama world, and I find we compete really strongly with a lot of the American crime dramas on television. Playboy.com: How would you describe your character Angie? Lehman: She’s a mom, a young mom, which I think informs a lot of a woman’s choices in terms of survival. She not totally mature in all areas of her life, which I think, is why she’s so impulsive in how she communicates with the rest of the world. Playboy.com: You’ve been heavily involved in a number of crime, horror, thriller-type shows so far in your career. Preference or coincidence? Lehman: I shoot on a lot—I shot another crime show a billion years ago called Killer Instinct and I thought to myself “oh my god, is it me? That I’m the one whose drawing these stories? And after Playboy.com: You have a new film you premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September Arthur Newman with Colin Firth and Emily Blunt. What can you tell us about it? Lehman: I’ve yet to see the finished product, but it was a thrill to be in the company of some of these great, accomplished film actors. I play Colin’s character’s ex-wife who represents his former, repressed life. We shot it down in North Carolina. Playboy.com: Lightning Round: What is your favorite… City: Toronto Drink: Mojito Food: Cake…all cake Dream Ride: Baby blue 1969 Porsche Carrera Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate Secret Talent: I’m a really good whistler [goes on to demonstrate – impressively, we may add] Pick-up line: “I’ve got a good one” Embarrassing Moment: That would have to be filming a scene on a little known film called Dog Park when Luke Wilson tries to catch me sans-underpants and catches me by grabbing my butt cheeks and opening them to the camera…[Laughs] Dude put me down! Playboy.com: What was your first Playboy? Lehman: Oh my god, I was probably seven years old and my neighbor’s father clearly had a collection – filing cabinets full – we would go into his office and look at them. Those issues were when the Playmates were naked but would have athletic socks up to their knees. Motive kicks-off after Superbowl XLVII Sunday, February 3rd only on CTV. US Release TBA.