Lola Blanc is a name you probably don’t know yet, but after this year you sure will. This Los Angeles pop singer cowrote the Britney Spears single “Ooh La La” and has been a rising star ever since. Daughter of a CIA agent and a motivational speaker, this quirky girl is set to release her debut EP anytime now, but until then you’ll have to listen to “Bad Tattoo” on repeat. Blanc and photographer Tatiana Gerusova have teamed up to shoot a batch of stunning photos just for her Femme on Fire debut. Bask in her boudoir beauty and read her interview below! You’re all over the place this year; how’s the EP coming?

Blanc: It’s coming along really well. I have three songs that I’m really excited about at the moment—I just need a couple more and then I’ll be done! Since this will be my first collection of music, I want to show people who I really am and say something about myself. My previous songs have been fun, but I want to show people what Lola is really about with this. So there’s personal stuff on the EP that I’m willing to share with the world. That must make it all the more exciting to get it out there!

Blanc: Yes! There’s one song in particular that I’m really excited for people to hear. It’s called “April Fools.” It’s actually about how shitty the music industry is and how often I feel like a failure. [laughs] It’s really personal and kind of a new side of me. I’m restless to have people hear it! What came first: the modeling or the music?

Blanc: I started writing songs when I was six. Modeling is a way to promote my music, essentially; music has always been my number-one passion. When I do shoots I try to stay as “Lola Blanc” as I can. I know it sounds silly to refer to myself in the third person, but I don’t want to be a generic face that can be molded into whatever. If I’m going to be modeling it’s going to be because I’m promoting that image that I’m representing. Your music video for “Bad Tattoo” is very whimsical. Are you really hands on with direction?

Blanc: Yes, I’m very dictatorial when it comes to all that. From the colors and wardrobe to setup, I’m very involved. It’s just so important to not let other people be controlling what is my introduction to the world. It has to make sense to me, first and foremost, so I take it all very seriously. I wouldn’t say I’m directing, though; I’m more hands on with production design if anything. I work with the stylist and I’ll create a vision board and tell them specific pieces I want and the look I’m going for. It’s so creative and so important to me that I’m a part of all of it. You tweeted a little while ago about Tinder. Do you have any bad Tinder stories?

Blanc: [Laughs] I went on one Tinder date that honestly—I’m sure that he’s gay, there was no way he was a straight man. But I have no horror stories yet, I’ve only gone on three dates and they’ve all been pretty mediocre to be honest. When someone looks hot on Tinder it’s hard to be like, “I find you attractive, but I know that there’s nothing here.” It’s so hard to find actual chemistry from someone. So you were brought up in an interesting background. You were homeschooled?

Blanc: I was homeschooled for probably half of my schooling. I was always an artistic kid. I did ventriloquism and auctioneering with my mother, so I’ve always been performing. I’d be writing newsletters and songs and making really terrible art. Basically fucking around in my free time led me to who I am today! [laughs] Ventriloquism? That’s something you don’t hear every day!

Blanc: I don’t even know how it happened! My mom was a motivational speaker while I was growing up so she would learn strange talents to incorporate into her talks and she started learning ventriloquism. What’s funny is that I don’t really remember learning, but I suppose I just learned along with her. So we’d perform at parties and schools and even once at the ventriloquist convention in Las Vegas. [laughs] My brother did magic and escape art. Yes, it was all really weird.

* *What’s your…

Favorite drink: I don’t drink alcohol, but my favorite drink is probably Thai iced tea.

Favorite food: Chicken tikka masala.

Most embarrassing moment: I’m one of those girls who have fallen from her platform shoes on the red carpet.

Worst pickup line: “Have we met before? I feel like I already know you!”

First memory of Playboy: Being at my older neighbor’s house and she was watching Playboy TV and I was sneakily watching through a crack in her door.

Hair by Tanya Ramirez, Makeup by Julie Bee & Styling by Phoenix Mellow