Growing up on the tropical islands of the South Pacific in a visual image reminiscent of The Blue Lagoon, this week’s woman to watch hit the scene less than a decade ago, appearing on both television and film in hits such as Cellular, Scrubs and Supernatural.

As well as gracing magazine covers, our newest Femme on Fire has a recurring spot on CW’s drama Hart of Dixie and recently starred in last year’s comedy The Change-Up as well as this weekend’s stripper flick Magic Mike (though we’ve been told she won’t be the one taking off her clothes, sadly).

Currently one of the leading ladies on Showtime and BBC’s British-American sitcom Episodes, which returns for its second season on Sunday and the first season has just been released on DVD , the beautiful Mircea Monroe stars as Morning Randolph, an apparently older actress whose age doesn’t show at all.

* *You grew up in and around the South Pacific. What was that like?

Mircea Monroe: It was multiple countries, all third world. There was no TV or radio; we would race tires with sticks and my parents didn’t ship in toys or anything like that. It gave me a really strong foundation in understanding different types of people, cultures and languages. It forced me to be creative. Tell us about your character Morning on Episodes.

Monroe: I just adore her. She is an actress on this show-within-a-show — she’s about 20 years older than me. She’s gone to extremes to be very young-looking. She’s a lot of fun to play because part of it is how I want to be when I’m older — confident, self-assured. The other part is how I don’t want to be — striving to get validated based on the way I look. It was a huge personal challenge for me. What was it like working with Matt LeBlanc? Is there an overuse of “Joey” on set?

Monroe: Well, he plays himself but is very much a character of himself. On a personal level he’s professional and kind and giving, he makes you feel comfortable. As for the Joey stuff, he’s definitely his own person, but that is definitely not Joey. [laughs] He mocks it, makes fun of himself, which is awesome. By the way, why is there an obsession with Matt LeBlanc’s dick on the show?

Monroe: [Laughs] Your guess is as good as mine. I mean, the jokes are funny, but because it’s implied that he has a huge wanker, the constant references to his massive dick — I don’t think he has a problem with that! [laughs] What can we expect this season?

Monroe: It’s really strong now that we know the people. You’re kind of on board with them. There’s a lot of surprises, a lot of humor, along with a lot of heart all mixed together. I’m really proud of it. Last year you starred in The Change-Up with Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman, who unexpectedly switch bodies. If you could pick one woman to do the same with, who would it be and why?

Monroe: I would switch bodies with Jesus, but he died — that’s awful! Wait, let me choose again…Martin Luther King, to be able to feel that you were making that much change and motivating people and doing something so positive. And if it was a woman?

Monroe: Well, there’s this spirit named Guanyin, who, you know, may or may not exist. She takes different forms and can be a cross of different people, too. Basically teaches people love — I think that would be really powerful. Even though she’s mythical. I’m surprised you didn’t say Michelle Obama. We’ve heard you have a thing for the President. You met him a while ago, right?

Monroe: I can’t believe I didn’t say Michelle Obama! I just bought her book about gardens that just came out. To meet him in person was beyond for real, it was like every wet dream combined with motivational inspiration to ever happen to my body and mind. What did you say to him?

Monroe: I blurted out something about one of his policies I knew nothing about but wanted to sound smart to him. I was in absolute awe. In photo shoots, what’s your favorite body part to show off?

Monroe: My brain. Urghh, that’s a dumb answer. [laughs] I have to say my wrists. I think they’re feminine. What was your first Playboy?

Monroe: When I was living in Virginia, a guy came to visit who was a makeup artist for a Playmate. I just thought he was famous — he got to meet these otherworldly women who were beautiful — the epitome of what a woman should be.

Episodes returns Sunday, July 1 on Showtime at 10:30/9:30c. Follow Mircea on Twitter @MissMircea

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