If you have cable, more notably MTV, you know who Molly Tarlov is. Playing queen b(itch) Sadie Saxton on MTV’s award winning sitcom Awkward, Tarlov is anything but in real life. She’s a certified sweetheart and we’ve got the interview to prove it. Catch her in the upcoming season, which has just been ordered twenty episodes, in 2014 and in the upcoming film G.B.F. premiering on Direct TV on November 22.

Playboy.com: Where are you right now?

Tarlov: I just got out of yoga and now I’m having a nice coffee.

Playboy.com: Your Instagram makes me so jealous. It looks like you’re having a blast with whatever you’re doing—so congratulations on that! [laughs]

Tarlov: Oh, thank you so much, I’m sure your Instagram is great, too!

Playboy.com: So it’s pretty crazy that Awkward is nominated for the Favorite Cable TV Comedy People’s Choice Award! How does that feel?

Tarlov: It feels really good. We won last year, so it feels really nice that we’re still in the hearts and the minds of our audience.

Playboy.com: Having a character with a catchphrase, do a lot of fans ask you to say “You’re welcome”? It reminded me of Aaron Paul’s whole “bitch” conundrum with Breaking Bad fans.

Tarlov: Well, yes, they do. I think that Aaron Paul and I’s catchphrases are very similar. [laughs]

Playboy.com: How do you deal with people on the Internet being so cruel to celebrities?

Tarlov: I think it’s terrible, but I think they’re cruel to everyone. Did you see Louis C.K. when he was on Conan on why he didn’t want to give his kids cellphones? He was talking about when you were a kid you learned that when you’re mean you have to say it in front of someone and actually see what it’s like to hurt someone’s feelings, but they just don’t get that same lesson on the Internet. I thought that was just so true. It’s just mean. Some people are mean, but fortunately there are more nice people in the world!

Playboy.com: You girls all seem to get along so well. Do you hang out a lot off set?

Tarlov: We do, I think we hang out a little too much! Just last night Nikki DeLoach, Desi Lydic and I got out of the house and went to Jillian [Reed]’s. Nikki just had a kid a couple of weeks ago, so she felt a little wild getting out of the house. [laughs] I wish we did something wild, but we can’t. I’ve had many plans to go to Vegas with numerous cast members but none of them have panned out, but I actually have been to Vegas with Nikki.

Playboy.com: I’ve never been to Las Vegas. What’s it like?

Tarlov: What! Where are you? Las Vegas is awesome. Now, I like Las Vegas in a different way than everyone else likes Las Vegas, but I still love it. Well, I guess that’s not completely true. What I mean is that most girls my age like to go there and club, but I like gambling and that’s about it. I love blackjack and I love roulette, but you lose all your money immediately when you hit the roulette tables. But then you go back to the blackjack table and you can slow and steady make your way back up.

Playboy.com: You’re also in the comedy G.B.F. Not going to lie, I’ve watched that trailer a lot. It must be fun to play another kind of character!

Tarlov: Yeah, it is a lot of fun to switch roles like that. It’s funny because she’s still pretty salty, like Sadie on Awkward, but it’s for completely different reasons, not to mention that she’s unpopular and alternative. I wanted so badly to dye my hair for that role, but the night before we started shooting, Darren Stein, who’s the director of the film, was like, “What are we going to do with your hair?” I was thinking, “Uh, hello, Darren, it’s the night before!” So I said, “Okay let’s do this!” I went to a hair salon and I wanted to bleach it out and dye it maybe pink or something, like Marina and the Diamonds, you know how she has her black roots and her bleached blonde hair? But the hairdresser said we had no time for that, so we just ended up putting in some purple hair extensions, unfortunately. G.B.F. is actually coming out January 17 in theaters, and it’s going to be on DirecTV to rent for three weeks coming up, I think, next week.

Playboy.com: Video on Demand is so crazy to me; I still haven’t wrapped my mind around it.

Tarlov: I know, it’s great, isn’t it? We’ll never have to leave the house again.

Playboy.com: What do you want to work on in the future? Are there any characters or genres that you’re just dying to try out?

Tarlov: Tons of them. First of all, I grew up doing theater; I never actually knew anything about acting on-screen. When I got my first on-camera job I had zero idea what to do. I really had to fake my entire way through it. So I love theater and I would love to do a David Mamet, Eugene O’Neill or Henrik Ibsen play. My favorite play is Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? And my dream role is to play Martha. Unfortunately, she’s like 50, so I’m going to have to wait for that or I’m just going to have to chill in the sun for two weeks straight and will be all good. I would also love to do a drama. I love Homeland and some of the stuff AMC has going on. In the future I’d love to have my own TV show. Right now there are so many awesome female-driven comedies. I think my friend Xosha [Roquemore], who’s from G.B.F., is a new series regular on The Mindy Project. That show is so funny.

Playboy.com: The video “Boyfriend Season” is hilarious. What was that all about?

Tarlov: When it starts to get a little colder around here and the days are a little gloomier, people start scavenging for boyfriends because a) we have so many pumpkin patches and b) we have so many Halloween hayrides. Everyone in L.A. just wants to get boy-ed up and go on a hayride and drink pumpkin spice lattes. So I guess the guys who wrote the song started referring to it as “boyfriend season” with their girlfriends and eventually wrote a song about it. So when they approached me for it I of course thought it was hilarious and was totally for it. It was really fun to shoot and we shot it in a day.

Playboy.com: What’s your…

Favorite Food: My dad makes really good pasta, so I’m going to go with that. But I also really love buffalo wings.

Favorite Drink: I’m a vodka soda girl.

Most embarrassing moment: Whenever there’s a red carpet and it’s outside and you never know what the wind is going to do to you. My dress did fly up at the Movie Awards a couple of years ago. Luckily I was not recognizable enough at that time to have any of the photographers take any pictures of me.

Worst pickup line: My friends are really mean to guys with bad pickup lines, but I think it takes a lot to put yourself out there, so I don’t judge. But there was this time that this guy came up to me and just said, “Let’s go smoke.” EW! Terrible way to approach someone: I don’t even smoke and you’re being aggressive.

First memory of Playboy: I want to say when the girl from 7th Heaven posed, but I don’t think that was for Playboy! But I’d have to say when my girlfriend and I both bought matching Playboy shirts and wore them around together. That was embarrassing!