Last June, we sat down with Charlie Sheen as he announced his new FX sitcom Anger Management, but what we found ourselves distracted by is his sexy new costar and our latest woman to watch.

Hailing from New York and Georgia, this week’s Femme on Fire, the beautiful Noureen DeWulf, got her start on television and in short films, including the Oscar-winning West Bank Story. Audiences will recognize this fiery-eyed vixen from 90210, Outsourced and Hawthorne; her new role as the turbulent, troubled Lacey in Anger Management has pushed it to the top of our must-watch list, great news as the show will be on airwaves almost nonstop for the next two years following a 90-episode pickup.

Prior to this week’s return of the show on FX, we sat down with DeWulf for a casual chat about her hot new role, road rage and kissing the Sheen. Tell us about Anger Management.

DeWulf: Well, the show is very much “Charlie Sheen’s show.” He’s a therapist and conducts group therapy out of his house. He has a daughter and an ex-wife and a colleague who he has sex with. So he’s trying to balance all these parts of his life. I play one of his patients, Lacey, and he’s trying to rehabilitate me. What can you tell us about Lacey?

DeWulf: She’s very unhinged and angry. Her backstory is that she shot her ex-boyfriend for cheating on her…in the balls. She’s a socialite in Los Angeles and lives a privileged life, so her problems are fairy frivolous to the others. She’s not evil, but she is oblivious to many things…People do give me positive feedback on character so there’s some home for her humanity there. [laughs]

“…there have been some times where I’ve rolled down my window and cussed people out. [laughs] My go-to is "Are you fucking kidding me?!”

It’s therapeutic in an odd way to play such an angry and kind of bombastic girl. She’s so loud and violent at times because of the stories we get to tell—a lot of the show is sitting and talking—so for me it’s a release in a way; it’s acceptable and I get paid for it! So is Lacey your hidden alter ego that only gets to come out while filming?

DeWulf: Yes—to an extent…Hmm, I’m going to go with yes. [laughs] How is Charlie Sheen as a therapist?

DeWulf: He tries his best to be effective, but as a group we’re too distracted and don’t let him get too far with us. One of your character’s liabilities is road rage; what’s been your past real-life experience with this?

DeWulf: I do live in L.A., and I do fight the traffic a lot, so there have been some times—this is uncomfortable for me to admit—there have been some times where I’ve rolled down my window and cussed people out. [laughs] My go-to is “Are you fucking kidding me?!” What’s been your favorite episode to shoot?

DeWulf: I liked the road rage one, but also the one where we were sleep deprived. I got to tell all my friends that I kissed Charlie, and I did! That should definitely go on your resume.

DeWulf: I think it gives me a lot of street cred. Now that the show is back for the rest of season one, what can we look forward to?

DeWulf: With the first 10 episodes, we shot so fast. Now with the pickup, the writers are giving us deeper storylines. It will make it more of a group show. We’re going to get more in depth with Charlie’s background—his father Martin Sheen just joined our show. So there’s going to be more layers. Speaking of family, your husband is Buffalo Sabers goaltender Ryan Miller; what are your thoughts on the lockout?

DeWulf: We’re sad in the Miller household. These hockey players are tremendous; they’ve fought their entire lives to play in the NHL, so to lock them out, it’s not fair to the players and not fair to the fans. I’m just sad there is nowhere for him to play.

[Editor’s Note: This interview took place before the end of the 2012-13 NHL Lockout.] Was he surprised when you told him you were chatting with Playboy?

DeWulf: He just stared at me…until I said there were no pictures. [laughs] Then he said okay. You have a film coming up called 10 Habits of Highly Effective People; is that based on the book?

DeWulf: It’s not based on the book; I’m not sure about why it’s called that. But it’s an indie film—a dark comedy—about a corporate merger. It’s very timely with the current climate in North America. You see how far people will go to make deals happen, so it reflects on that. It’s really funny; it was a very hard shoot, but it was such a great script so I really wanted to do it.

I play a temporary worker only known as “Temp”—everybody just calls her Temp—and there’s something secretive about her. I don’t want to say too much! It is a film full of killing and murder so I’m not going to tell you if I make it to the end or not. [laughs] I hope it turns out well—the tagline is “American Psycho meets The Office.” Between this, Anger Management and your upcoming Paul Rudd-Amy Poehler flick, you’re doing a lot of comedy. Out of anything, comedy or drama, what would be your dream role?

DeWulf: Well if there weren’t 10 more actresses in my category in front of me, I would love to be in a Quentin Tarantino movie. Someone like Tarantino or Luhrmann—a director that has so much vision for their films. Speaking of Baz Luhrmann, do you sing as well?

DeWulf: I attempt to sing…[laughs] Lightning Round. What is your favorite:

City: Los Angeles.

Drink: Coke slushie from 7/11.

Food: Pizza—cheeseless with a bunch of veggies or a filet mignon.

Secret Talent: I’m a really good putter at golf. I shocked a bunch of older guys I was playing with at the Sons of Anarchy Charity Golf Competition; I was grouped with a group of male executives from the network, and I could tell they weren’t excited to have a young woman golfing with them. So I let them drive all of the shots, and then I putted so well—and they told my story around—and we won first place!

Dream Ride: I need a new car, but I don’t know what to get! Maybe an Audi. It can’t be a long car; I need to be able to parallel park. I actually had a photographer yell at me the other day: “You have a dent in your car, I can’t take a photo of you getting out of your car!” I think he was embarrassed for me…

Guilty Pleasure: Staying at my house and watching reality TV in bed. Real Housewives, The Bachelor and Honey Boo Boo. What advice would you give to Honey Boo Boo if you could talk to her face to face?

DeWulf: Oh, there’s so much I want to know. I would probably ask her if she’s happy on her show; I hope she would say yes, or else I’d feel terrible watching. Sometimes they keep the camera on her too long, like she sneezed and snot came out of her nose. For the first time I had that really bad feeling watching a child being exploited…that lasted about 20 minutes and then I watched the next episode. [laughs] I love her personality. If I had a child, if she had a personality similar to Honey Boo Boo I’d be so entertained. [laughs]

Pickup Line: Guy rolled down his window next to me and asked, “How do I get to stretch you out at night?” So creepy! What was your first Playboy?

DeWulf: I remember growing up in Georgia—our ideal beauty was Pamela Anderson…I love the Playboy ideal of beauty with the rolled back, teased-out hair. She’s such an icon.

Anger Management returns January 17th at 9 P.M. EST on FX.