Nothing beats a great joke told by a ridiculously sexy woman, and we pride ourselves at not only finding Playmates who crack a one-liner but seeking out the most talented and beautiful women on the big and small screens as our newest women to watch.

This week’s Femme on Fire is absolutely no exception to the rule, with starring roles on sitcoms such as ABC’s I’m with Her, American Dad, Burn Notice and the acclaimed Franklin & Bash to her name. Currently starring as the best friend of comedy maven Whitney Cummings on NBC’s hit sitcom Whitney, Rhea Seehorn plays Roxanne, a gorgeous but relationship-challenged divorcée who’s not afraid to speak her mind.

Seehorn sat down with prior to the season two premiere November 14th to dish on her hot show, apartment dancing and the atrocities of crossword spoiling. Congrats on the season two renewal; you must be pumped!

Seehorn: I got a phone call from my manager and agent and started screaming my head off [laughs]…and dancing around my apartment. Is apartment dancing a common occurrence for you?

Seehorn: It’s actually a very common occurrence. [laughs] But that’s not to downgrade my excitement about the season two pickup; it was a very special exuberant dance. But breaking into enormous performance art dance in my apartment… [laughs] I dance a lot. I don’t need to have music. It’s probably why I get hired for a lot of physical comedy: I tend to meet the whole picture. [laughs] The negative part about it is being called a spaz, but that’s okay too!

* *Is this accompanied by wine?

Seehorn: I’ll have a glass of wine with myself just ’cause; I don’t need a celebration for that—I have other rituals for myself. I have a running date with myself on Sundays that I rarely miss—that’s been going for over 10 years. I get very dressed up—overdressed—for a coffee shop, and this is the most boring date with yourself, I go to a coffee shop and time myself doing the New York Times crossword puzzle. [laughs] How would you describe Whitney? Drama, comedy, romance? All of the above?

Seehorn: It’s definitively a comedy. It’s a very contemporary idea of a sitcom packaged in this wonderful, traditional form. It’s a very contemporary way of speaking to each other, and a very contemporary relationship: gender roles, the way we treat our adult friends as a tribe these days as people wait later and later—if at all—to get married. We’re all navigating these new ideas of being committed to each other, from your love relationships to your friendships. We end up with all of these lifelong adult friendships. I’m very proud of the show; it’s razor-sharp comedy and Whitney’s wit is like lightning. Tell us about your character, Roxanne.

Seehorn: She is divorced and is very practical. She has two best girlfriends [on the show], Whitney and Lily. She’s scared to get back out there—though she’ll never admit that—but she’s not male-bashing, it’s not that cliché case of a boozy divorcée where they hate men and are always going to pipe in with some horrible criticism. She stands in for a lot of women I know now that the dating scene has changed dramatically, with texting and Googling people. Try to navigate that while you try to be an independent, progressive-minded person but finding yourself out there trying to connect with people. The fact that she’s still trying and game, but doesn’t necessarily know all the rules yet, amuses me endlessly about her. What can we look forward to this season?

Seehorn: There’s a lot of fun, exciting story turns. We pick up where we left off: Alex and Whitney have committed themselves together with tattoos and they attempt to define what marriage defines to them. Lily remains living with Roxanne, which is awesome and problematic. You also see the super slow burn attraction between Mark and Roxanne. It’s not going to be resolved right away.

* *After working with Whitney Cummings for so long, I’d imagine you’re used to what comes out of her mouth. When has she most recently shocked you?

Seehorn: Yes! Well…no. There are hundreds of worthy one-liners coming out of her mouth all day, every day. Whitney’s wit is something like no other. It’s lightning fast, razor sharp and often very shocking. She shocks me the most when she turns on a dime and shows me her other side. I had no idea she was such a deeply caring and sensitive person who champions strong, talented women. Lightning Round:

*City: *New York.

Drink: Vodka with diet Hansen’s ginger ale.

Food: Frozen yogurt.

Shot: I don’t do shots. I don’t even know the names of any. Are there names? I’m a nerd, I apologize. I’m a super big nerd. Come on, I told you my day with myself involves crossword puzzles and I drink vodka and diet ginger ale.

*Pickup line: *The worst was, “Three down is cat.” Somebody messed up my crossword puzzle and thought they were hitting on me. It made me irate! Do not do anybody’s crossword over their shoulder. The best pickup line is asking me on a real date and sweating it out—that’s hot!

Secret Talent: I sculpt really strange despondent people when I feel lonely in my house…

Guilty Pleasure: An evening of dancing in my apartment with vodka diet ginger ale and frozen yogurt? [laughs] What was your first Playboy?

Seehorn: I think I found them in my friend’s parents’ house prior to this, but I bought the Drew Barrymore one. I was dating a boy who was into her, and I dug her as well so I bought it because I wanted to mimic her. It didn’t work out. [laughs] She’s lovely, though!

Season 2 of NBC’s Whitney premieres Wednesday November 14th at 8/7c. Follow Rhea on Twitter @RheaSeehorn.