There’s something about the cute, hot girl next door on sitcoms that adds a new dimension of pleasure to the viewing experience. Valerie Azlynn,’s hilarious new woman to watch definitely encapsulates these traits with her perfect smile, sweet disposition and rocking body.

After tearing up the primetime circuit on such hits as How I Met Your Mother, Mr. Sunshine and Two and a Half Men, our latest Femme on Fire stole the small screen playing the feisty Alicia on The Big Bang Theory.

Her new show, the Vince Vaughn–produced bar comedy Sullivan & Son (think Friends meets Cheers), launches on TBS this Thursday. Azlynn stars as Melanie, a young paramedic who’s not afraid to show her tough side. We’re looking forward to watching this hilarious comedy take off (along with Azlynn, of course). How would you explain your new show, Sullivan & Son?

Azlynn: We’re very lucky — we have one of the original producers from Cheers on it, Rob Long. It’s basically your neighborhood bar — in every town in America there’s a bar like this. I guess it’s like the Island of Misfit Toys for the people who hang out there. It’s one of those places where anyone could walk in and feel welcome. It’s not pretentious, it’s a blue-collar, hardworking group of people who have been friends forever, and luckily Steve (Byrne)’s character makes the trip back to Pittsburgh to come hang with us. Did you go to a bar like this back in Connecticut?

Azlynn: When I auditioned there was a bar called Sully’s, not Sullivan & Son, in Groton. That’s where I went…not underage or anything like that! [laughs] It’s the place I go to hang out with my friends from my hometown. It’s a “you may get your hubcap stolen in the parking lot” kind of bar. Has anything like that happened to you there?

Azlynn: Well, you know how you’re supposed to close the bar at a certain time? So we would all go out and move our cars so it looked like the bar was closed, then go back, turn off the lights — it would be a group of adults standing in the dark — lock the door, and pretend to be “cleaning up” — yeah, we’d leave there at seven in the morning. [laughs] Tell us about your character, Melanie.

Azlynn: Melanie was born and raised in Pittsburgh. She’s a paramedic, and she’s a tough cookie — not going to let a thing slide or anybody walk all over her. She definitely says what’s on her mind and says it with some attitude. She’s a sweet girl at heart. The people at the bar are her family. She’s like this Angelina Jolie on a TV show, she’s badass. The show doesn’t shy away from racial stereotypes, does it?

Azlynn: Not at all; it’s something that happens that no one talks about. You’ve got to think generationally; some of the older characters in the show are adapting to a new way of life. It’s like when you see your grandparents figuring out a cellphone. Vince Vaughn produces the series; what does he bring to the stage?

Azlynn: He is such an amazing producer. His voice is clearly heard through the show. He’s been so hands on. You recently were on Hot in Cleveland; what was it like working with Betty White?

*Azlynn: *I’ve never asked for an autograph, but I’m a huge Mary Tyler Moore fan. I bought Betty flowers and told her how much she’s meant to my life. I asked for her autograph and I felt like a geek for the first time in my life. Your character Alicia on The Big Bang Theory had no problem taking advantage of the guys. Have you ever done that?

Azlynn: Oh my god no! If anything I’ve been a serial dater. I’m always in a serious relationship. I can’t even imagine being like Alicia…though I know some girls that have been like her. She was evil! You’ve been part of a number of TV shows and film roles. What has been the most challenging so far?

Azlynn: I’ve done a couple of independent films, and sometimes when the budget is really low you’ve got to finish it in a specific time frame. I did a horror movie in Louisiana called Julia X and I was the lead, so every shot of the movie, I was in. The days were 18 hours. People don’t think how long your character has been in the water and covered in fake blood. By the end of that shoot I slept for three days. I slept through my birthday. Lightning round:

Favorite city? New York.

Drink? Champagne.

Food? Pizza.

Shot? Girly Lemon Drops.

Pickup line? I don’t get hit on a lot!

* *We doubt that!

Secret talent? Pole dancing. [laughs] It’s the best workout ever! It’s so sexy and cool.

Dream car? Old muscle car — black with red interior with an engine that wakes people up as it goes down the street.

Embarrassing moment? Running into people after you said you’re busy. What do you have coming up?

Azlynn: I’m lining up some stuff right now, but I can’t say yet. But I’d love, love, love to work with Quentin Tarantino. What was your first Playboy?

Azlynn: I saw it in high school. I guy I was dating — I went over to his house for our “date,” which is basically go over, watch a movie and try to make out while his parents are in the other room. He showed it to me and I was like, “Women really look like that? Oh damn!”

Sullivan and Son premieres Thursday at 10/9c on TBS. Follow Valerie on Twitter @ValerieAzlynn