In case the trailers for Fifty Shades Darker haven’t convinced you to check out the big-screen adaptation of the middle chapter of E.L. James’ BDSM-themed Twilight-fanfic-gone-wild, perhaps a glimpse behind the scenes of the movie’s massive masquerade ball will change your mind.

“The masquerade ball lends a sense of mystery to the film,” star Dakota Johnson explains about the centerpiece of the new movie in a new featurette. “It was a mammoth undertaking,” director James Foley agrees, while production designer Nelson Coates promises “all kinds of eye candy going on.” Are you impressed yet?

It’s a strange way to sell the movie. Even though the production looks, in the words of James herself, “lavish [and] sensuous,” it’s no more impressive than the costumes or design of, say, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, which it actually kind of resembles. Is this some kind of nod in the direction of those who still long for fairy tales but wish they involved more spanking?

Fifty Shades Darker hits theaters February 10.