You know what they say about counting your 30-hit combos before they land.

This weekend at fighting game tournament event EVO 2015 in Las Vegas, player Woshige landed a big blow against opponent Ogawa during their winner’s bracket match in a game called Guilty Gear Xrd. Ogawa was heavily favored to win (he went on to take down the entire tournament), and when Woshige won the second round of their match, he leapt to his feet in triumph.

One problem, though: the pair were tied at one round each. That means Woshige forgot there was a third round and that it was starting immediately. What follows is almost as bad as that scene where Ed Norton beats Jared Leto to a pulp in Fight Club.

The oversight cost Woshige the match, as you can see in the video above. Woshige handles the whole situation with class despite the ridiculous disappointment of it, and he went on to take third place overall in the loser’s bracket. Nothing’s going to stop the years of traumatic nightmares he’s now saddled with, though.

One player’s unfortunate oversight is both sad and kind of funny. But the real winners aren’t Ogawa or even we who get to watch the video: it’s two EVO announcers who absolutely lose their shit as the round starts and Ogawa pummels the hapless Woshige. How could any moment of their lives ever top it?

Via Destructoid