You sit down at your computer and fire up Chatroulette, that program that finds you random people to chat with around the world—but instead of showing some stranger’s face, your screen becomes the viewpoint of a video game character who’s facing a zombie and asking for your help.

British filmmakers Realm Pictures turned the video chat experience into a live-action, real-time version of a shooter game, complete with zombies, painted Nerf guns and sound effects. The players told the character what to do, leading him through a church graveyard, helping him dodge the undead, and instructing him exactly which headshots to fire.

The whole thing was a super-involved technical and filmmaking feat, judging by Realm Pictures’ behind-the-scenes video. The project required a several people to create the experience, from the technicians adding sound and video effects, to the actor wearing a GoPro and the many zombies he had to deal with.

Not all the players made it to the end of the shooter level—a few got their character chomped by zombies along the way by making bad decisions or letting their attention drift. The few that did were treated to the most video gamey of endings: a final boss fight, followed by a leap through a portal.