Developer Square Enix thinks you’re going to love the hell out of Final Fantasy XV. You’re going to like it so much, you’ll want to watch a movie based on it and an anime cartoon show about it, and play a demo for it that’s not actually a portion of the game you might be buying and may not even be representative of it at all.

Square Enix showed off all this new stuff at “Final Fantasy XV: Uncovered,” a big fan event that doubled as a press conference to announced FFXV’s release date—Sept. 30—and talk about all this other stuff attached to the game.

The trailer above gives more of a sense of the game, which concerns a road trip undertaken by a young prince called Noctis and his entourage of buddies, as well as the usual Final Fantasy stuff of fighting monsters and engaging in a lengthy story that might run as long as 100 hours. In addition to showing off the game, Square Enix released a new demo on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live, which has players taking on the role of a younger Noctis as he works his way through a surreal dream sequence.

But wait, there’s lots more. Square’s also producing a fully computer-animated movie that’ll act as a prequel to the game and further flesh out its story. It’s called Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive, and it’s about a group of soldiers not unlike King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table, or Game of Thrones’ Kingsguard.

The film has some big talent attached, including Sean Bean and Lena Heady from Game of Thrones and Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad.

Kingsglaive isn’t the first Final Fantasy movie undertaken by Square Enix—back in 2001, it release Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, another fully CG movie that packed a ton of great voice talent (namely Ming-Na Wen, Ving Rhames, Steve Buscemi, Alec Baldwin and Donald Sutherland). It was was not, uh, great, but CG tech has come a long way in 15 years.

Finally, there’s an anime cartoon series to go with Final Fantasy XV, which is free, just like the demo. Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV is a five-episode series that’s another semi-prequel to the game. The first episode is available right now, too:

Holy shit, you want more Final Fantasy XV?! Okay, how about this: Square Enix announced an Ultimate Collector’s Edition version of the game (different from the other collector’s edition) that’ll cost $270. It comes with a little Noctis figurine and a ton of bonus content, and an art book. Better throw your schmeckles at the screen in a hurry, though, because there are only 30,000 of them available.