We’ve reached a point where we can no longer pretend Jon Stewart isn’t leaving The Daily Show. There’s now less than a week to go until the finale on August 6, and that means there will only be four more episodes of Stewart’s humor, gravitas, and playful-yet-insightful skewering of American politics. The format of the final episode, which will run 50 minutes, is still a big secret, but on last night’s show Stewart did reveal his guests for the other three remaining shows.

The Daily Show has famously played host to everyone from presidents to pundits to movie stars, but Stewart opted to go out with comedy, and with three of his friends. On Monday, Trainwreck star Amy Schumer will join Stewart, on Tuesday longtime friend of the show Denis Leary will stop by, and on Thursday Louis C.K. will be the last of Stewart’s scheduled guests. Then, the finale, and a tearful farewell.

“Remember, next week is our last week,” Stewart said last night. “We’re going to have a ball, and I can’t wait to show my appreciation at all the support and enthusiasm that you guys have given the show all these years.”

The Daily Show airs weeknights at 11 p.m. Eastern on Comedy Central.