It seems that the venerated, convoluted, often-weird stealth game series Metal Gear Solid is about to come to an end, at least as we know it. With the last trailer he produced—having left MGS publisher Konami for good earlier this year—series creator Hideo Kojima looks back through the expansive series all the way to its Playstation roots.

There was some kind of behind-the-scenes falling out between Kojima and publisher Konami, one that seems to have resulted in Kojima’s name being pulled from the Metal Gear Solid V cover art (it used to say “A Hideo Kojima Game”) and the cancellation of another Kojima project, Silent Hills. That means the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V probably really is Kojima’s last Metal Gear title, and he’s not just saying that this time like he has for, like, the last three.

The trailer brings together elements from all the major games in the series, giving a quick look at the evolution of Metal Gear’s story as a whole, all running over sad background music. And then it ends with a big-ass robot murdering a bunch of people with various crazy weapons, just in case you need a pick-me-up after that single tear of bittersweet sorrow rolls down your cheek. In other words, it’s a perfect encapsulation of this bonkers franchise.