The final Rogue One trailer debuted over the Thanksgiving weekend—conveniently, just days before advance tickets went on sale. Although it shares some footage with the second trailer, there are some new nuggets here. K-2SO, the droid played via motion capture by Alan Tudyk, shows his lethal comedic chops by dispatching storm troopers with a no-look bomb toss. Some fans may be angered by the shot in which X-Wings destroy the head of an AT-AT with laser cannons. Anyone who has seen Empire Strikes Back knows that Luke Skywalker specifically says that the armor is too strong for blasters. Perhaps this is the origin story of the AT-AT upgrade?

Beyond fan knowledge nonsense, the trailer is focused around the force as a sort of guiding religion. Though no character is a Jedi in this trailer (as far as we know), many characters pay lip service to its power. This will be an interesting grounding effect for the film, which director Gareth Edwards has compared to Saving Private Ryan in terms of tone.

Rogue One may not have the box office mojo of The Force Awakens but the opening weekend appears solid with a predicted range of $130 million to $150 million. Want to be a part of the action? Buy your tickets here and be at the theaters December 16th.