Another week, another round of trailers, and though most of the buzz over the past few days has surrounded the Ghostbusters reboot, it’s not the only game in town. This week we got a look at the next Pixar adventure, a meaty Jesse Eisnenberg drama, an intriguing sci-fi action flick, and more.

Check out some of the biggest trailers of the week below.

Yes, it’s possible that the brilliant minds over at Pixar Animation Studios have been relying too much on sequels lately, and this is indeed a sequel to their undersea classic Finding Nemo. Yes, it’s possible this film will simply recycle so many of the things that made its predecessor great. But you know what? Based on this trailer, I really don’t care. This looks positively charming.

I hadn’t heard anything about this UK sci-fi production that pits man against superintelligent machine in a deadly war game until I saw the trailer this week. Movies tackling old sci-fi concepts – in this case, a scenario in which the machines turn against us – often turned into tiresome rehashes or just plain bad filmmaking. In this case, though, I’m intrigued. There’s a lot to get excited about in this trailer.

The dramedy about the widowed mother who can’t let go of her kids is nothing new, and in the past it’s given us semi-duds like Diane Keaton’s Because I Said So, but The Meddler could turn out to be a triumph. Susan Sarandon looks at the top of her game, the supporting cast (Hi, Cecily Strong!) looks solid, and it feels like this is a film full of enough knowing winks that its heart might just actually shine through.

Jesse Eisenberg leads a powerful ensemble cast in this story of a family torn apart by a tragedy that even they still don’t fully understand. This trailer is a little too steeped in mystery to see the whole plot, but the performances are moving, and there’s enough intrigue layered in to get me to lean in.

Nope, Tyler Perry’s still not done with his signature character. This time, Madea’s ventured into a world that seems overrun with the undead, and as usual, she’s just not having any of it. At this point, you’ve already made up your mind about whether you’re sick of this character or not, so proceed (or don’t) at your leisure.